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About Us

About Us

How we got started, who we are and why you should trust us to restore your sash windows.

Ventrolla was founded in 1983 by Robert Tunnicliffe who previously worked at Ford Motors developing specialised high performance gaskets and seals.

Ventrolla founder Robert Tunnicliffe (Right) with David Greaves, (middle) current MD of Ventrolla and the Mayor of Harrogate (Left)He turned his hand to draught proofing sash windows after his wife noticed it becoming increasingly difficult to keep their home warm during the colder months and so Bob, using his expertise at Ford developed the first perimeter sealing system and installed it himself.

Immediately the draughts, rattles and dust ingress were banished! After the initial success of the hand-made prototype Bob went on to found Ventrolla and patented both the perimeter sealing system and the sash removal system, both of which, 30 years on are still core products in the Ventrolla service and make our offering unique. In 1986 the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System was awarded the prestigious Design Council Award.

Through our national network of craftsmen we have established ourselves as the market leader in timber sash window and casement renovation & repair, offering a guaranteed and unique service.

Traditional timber sash windows are an essential feature of a period building’s character. It is therefore vital to retain them; not only because of the aesthetic appeal, but also because sash windows make your property much more valuable financially.


Things that Ventrolla will ALWAYS do

  • Give you expert and unbiased advice
    Our aim is to leave you feeling delighted and with a draught free, comfortable home. We do that by giving you honest guidance based on over 30 years of experience.

  • Leave you alone to consider your itemised quote
    At the end of the survey you will be given a quote which will detail each window and the works we propose. We will explain the quote and then leave it with you - no pressure tactics.

  • Keep your home weather tight and secure
    If your work is scheduled to take several days (we typically renovate 1 window per day) then at the end of each day your home will be left weather tight and secure.

  • Return your home to the clean state we found it in
    Our Installers will take every care to ensure your home stays as clean and tidy as they find it. Dust sheets will cover any furnishings in the room they are working in and all tools have dust extraction devices. The Installers will lay down sheets to protect your carpets and cover their shoes, if requested (Installers must wear safety shoes on site at all times).

  • Enjoy a good cup of tea, if offered!
    Our Surveyors and Installers are a friendly bunch that enjoy nothing more than explaining the work they do – and they have never been known to turn down a cup of tea if offered.

Things that Ventrolla will NEVER do

  • Spend all day in your home pressuring you to buy
    We typically allocate 1 hour for a survey which should allow plenty of time for an investigation of all your windows and to talk through the process. We won’t be in your home all day with a rehearsed sales pitch.

  • Sell you a more expensive product if you don’t need it
    At Ventrolla we really do care about preserving the heritage and charm of period sash windows and we will never sell you a product that you don’t need. Where possible, and unless requested otherwise, we will always suggest renovation over replacement.

  • Bombard you with calls and emails
    Once you’ve had the survey and we know you have received your quote we will leave you in peace to consider your options, we won’t bombard you with calls and emails as we believe our service and quality workmanship speaks for itself. If you have any questions for us, however, please be sure to get in touch!

  • Sell your data to a 3rd party
    Ventrolla complies with all UK data laws and policies which means that your personal data will never be shared with a 3rd party without your express consent (we sometimes ask customers to act as referrals for new customers) and we will certainly never sell your data.