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About Us

About Us

How we got started, who we are and why you should trust us to restore your sash windows.

If you love the period charm and heritage innate in your wooden sash windows but hate the draughts, rattles and rot that can also be part and parcel with an older property, then you need help from the experts. With over 30 years’ experience repairing sash & casement windows across the UK, you can trust the Ventrolla specialists. We have developed a range of solutions including slim sash double glazing, discreet secondary glazing, a patented draught proofing system along with crafting bespoke new windows all designed to give you the warm, comfortable home you desire without sacrificing period details.

Through our national network of craftsmen we have established ourselves as the market leader in timber sash window and casement renovation & repair, offering a guaranteed and unique service.

Traditional timber sash windows are an essential feature of a period building’s character. It is therefore vital to retain them; not only because of the aesthetic appeal, but also because sash windows make your property much more valuable financially.

Maintaining the traditional features of your timber sash windows used to mean compromising on comfort. But not with Ventrolla! Our unique sash window renovation and performance upgrade service makes problems associated with old sash windows such as draughts, rattles, rot and operational issues, a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy your traditional wooden sash windows regardless of the weather outside and reduce your energy costs at the same time. 

Renovating your timber sash or casement windows requires considerably less money and resources than replacing them with new ones. This minimises your costs and the harmful impact on the environment, making the process of your sash windows’ restoration mutually beneficial for everyone involved.
On our website we have provided you with all the information you need to understand our service for timber sash windows, casement windows and doors, including the benefits of our system.

Things that Ventrolla will ALWAYS do

  • Give you expert advice
  • Leave you alone with a window by window quote
  • Always leave your home weather tight and secure
  • Return your home to the clean state we found it in
  • Enjoy a good cup of tea if offered

Things that Ventrolla will NEVER do

  • Spend all day in your home pressuring you to buy
  • Sell you a more expensive product if you don’t need it
  • Track mud and dirt all over your carpet
  • Bombard you with calls and emails
  • Sell your data to a 3rd party