sash window double glazing installed by ventrolla at imposing Georgian house

Key features: Domestic, Sash Windows, Casement Windows, Renovation, Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), Double Glazing, Sash Removal System (SRS)

 Mrs Shepherd had recently bought a large Georgian house which needed all of its windows replacing, so upon recommendation she called in the period window specialists, Ventrolla. 

Completing the works in three phases, Ventrolla installed their unique Sash Removal System, made repairs to window sills and manufactured new double glazed sash windows and casement windows, which were all fitted with the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System. Mrs Shepherd said: 

“The reason I chose Ventrolla was I knew that they were sash window renovation specialists.”

“[They were] So professional! I’m so pleased with the whole job. Every one of the windows looks amazing, fits perfectly and is completely draught free!!!”

“Thank you Ventrolla, I would recommend you unreservedly.”

Mrs Shepherd kindly offered to appear in our video too, below, telling the world how happy she was with the finished product.

Ventrolla offer a bespoke renovation service for timber sliding sash and casement windows as well as timber doors.  The company has its central office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with additional offices throughout the UK and Ireland.



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