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About Us

Ventrolla was founded in 1983 by Robert Tunnicliffe who previously worked at Ford Motors developing specialised high performance gaskets and seals. The name 'Ventrolla' is a slightly warped portmanteau of 'Ventilation Control'.

Ventrolla, established since 1982

How We Got Started

Robert turned his hand to draught proofing sash windows after his wife noticed it becoming increasingly difficult to keep their home warm during the colder months and so Bob, using his expertise at Ford developed the first perimeter sealing system and installed it himself.

Immediately the draughts, rattles and dust ingress were banished! After the initial success of the hand-made prototype Bob went on to found Ventrolla and patented both the perimeter sealing system and the sash removal system, both of which, 30 years on are still core products in the Ventrolla service and make our offering unique.

In 1986 the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System was awarded the prestigious Design Council Award.

Our first branch opened in the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Harrogate and now over 30 years and 100,000 sash windows later we operate nation wide and have established ourselves as the market leader in the repair, restoration and replacement of wooden sash windows. You can read more about our promise to you by clicking the button below. 

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Our Friendly Installers

Professional, Trusted Craftsmen

It takes many people with lots of different skills to make Ventrolla the company it is and they all do a fantastic job. However it's the installers who are he face, hands and probably quite a few other body parts of Ventrolla. They are the reason we get so many word-of-mouth recommendations and 5 star reviews. 

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Regulations brought in after the Fire of 1666 influenced Sash Window design

History Of The Sash Window

Starting at a bakery on Pudding Lane, the Great Fire of London played a surprising roll in the development of Sash Windows.

Sliding sash windows originated in Europe in the 13th Century however calling them windows was perhaps a bit of a stretch as in this period they were no more than vertical sliding wooden shutters. 300 years later, by the end of the sixteenth century they had evolved into a form we would recognise today as a beautiful traditional timber sash window.

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The history of glass

The History Of Glass

From lightning bolts and ancient Mesopotamia to the Romans and WW11, glass production has changed a lot.

German craftsmen achieved the production of glass sheets by blowing a hollow glass sphere and swinging it allowing gravity to form a cylindrical pod. They then cut the ends of the pod and the cylinder formed is cut lengthways and laid flat to form sheets.


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Both Double and Secondary glazing have benefits

Wooden Double Glazing Vs Secondary Glazing

If you ask someone to name the major effects of WWII on the world I doubt they’d mention it delayed the introduction of double glazing by 10 years. 

As with many things that originate in America it took a while for the new window technology to cross the pacific, landing on our shores in the mid 70’s when, sparked by the oil crisis, a new requirement for a U-Value limit of 1.8 for the average of walls and windows was introduced. 

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What kind of window do I have?

What Kind Of Window Do I Have?

We live and breathe period wooden windows and everything to with them, we're full on window geeks. Until you have an issue you probably don't give your windows a second thought but when that draught becomes a gale or your windows are more rot than not we know that one of the first question is often "What kind of window do I have?"

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A few facts about Listed Properties

Listed Buildings Aren't All Thatched Cottages

The phrase 'Listed building' usually brings to mind visions of historic mansions, beautiful tudor townhouses or thatched cottages nestled in the countryside and the subject of a Constable painting. But you'd be mistaken.

Did you know that Sylvester Stallone, better known for his exploits as Rambo, tried to get a 1960s car park in Gateshead listed after it made an appearance in one of his films? The application wasn't succesful.

We've put together some interest facts about listted buildings

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Ventrolla Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

VPSS, SRS, Full Treat, Half Treat ... VR90? Whenever you speak to one of our friendly surveyors in your home or a member of the operations team in the office they will strive to explain exactly what work we propose to do in plain English.

However, sometimes little things slip through and just because we know all the acronyms, jargon and product codes off by heart doesn’t mean you should have to.

So we've put together a jargon buster just in case you ever want to check something.

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The How, The Why And The What?

Frequently Asked Questions

The How, The Why And The What? Some frequently Asked Questions Answered.

Q. How much will it cost to renovate my windows?

Q. How long will the survey take?

Q. Where abouts in the UK do you work?

Q. Will renovation reduce outside noise levels?

Find out the answers to these and mnay more.

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