Product Focus: Ventrolla’s Sash Removal System (SRS)

Whether you have original or new timber sash windows, you may be familiar with how difficult it can be to paint, deep clean or maintain them, thanks to the different working parts of the window. Losing sash cords in the sash box can also cause its own headaches. 

This was an issue that timber window specialist, Ventrolla, quickly picked up on – and solved – over 40 years ago when our company was formed.

A discreet solution for sash window removal

Ventrolla SRSVentrolla designed their innovative Sash Removal System (SRS) to make any job requiring access to the different parts of a sash window easier. A system that they have been installing into sash windows for over four decades, it sits discreetly in the side of each sash, allowing the safe removal of the upper and lower sashes, giving free access to the window box frame. It’s not visible internally or externally, so the aesthetics of your windows are protected.

As well as stopping the sash cord from breaking free from your sashes (causing the sash weights to drop into the sash box), the system helps you take out your sashes with minimal disruption, whenever necessary. The SRS can be incorporated into your original windows or added as standard to new windows, making life easier for painting, maintenance work and deep cleaning in the future.


How does the SRS work?

The system consists of a ‘brake’ that forms the end of the sash cord and sits within housing in the side of your sashes. This will ensure that your sash cord will not break free from your sashes and end up lost in the sash box. Additionally, in order for you to carry out future maintenance on your sash windows, such as painting and cleaning, the SRS enables you to access your sashes and dismantle your window internally, without scaffolding.

Why not take a look at the SRS in action on our video above, or on our YouTube channel:



fitting a timber sash window

We also have our helpful Maintenance Instructions that provide more detail on our SRS system, and how to dismantle your window with it installed.

The SRS is just one of the innovative solutions that Ventrolla has designed. The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), makes draughty and rattling sash windows a thing of the past. You can find out more about eliminating draughts as part of our renovation service, or contact our team to see out how we can solve any other sash window issues you’re facing.