Why the future of your period windows and home depend on you

As the owner of a heritage property with period windows, you have responsibility for your own piece of history. From the fireplaces and cornices to the tiles and timber windows – all these authentic details tell their own story and are inextricably linked to the heritage of your home. It’s these finer points that also look so wonderful, and make older homes enduringly popular. 


However, more than just visually and historically important, these touches add to a property’s financial worth, too. In fact, a survey in 2009, carried out by Historic England, revealed that, of the estate agents surveyed, 82% agreed that original features added value to a home – and 78% felt that they helped houses sell more quickly.  


Sash and casement windows are amongst the most sought after features. But it’s well-maintained original windows that add the value, not old, decrepit ones – and the responsibility for upkeep rests with you. While this requires investment, it’s also excellent news, since you won’t have to be stuck with old, rattling and draughty sashes. These days, by calling in the experts, you can keep all the original style and integrate a whole host of modern comforts. 




Repair and restore your period windows

Timber window specialists, like Ventrolla, are on hand to meticulously repair and restore windows,  so your home retains all of its historical beauty. Ventrolla will survey your windows and suggest the best remedy from a range of services including: 



Careful restoration of rotten sills and frames by Ventrolla

But what if the windows you inherit are simply beyond repair – or you’ve bought a home that has already lost its original windows to dreaded uPVC? Don’t despair – you can commission a window company to make a replica window, which will ensure your home’s heritage is future proofed. However, beware! The same survey by Historic England suggested that replacing old features with a poor version can actually reduce a property’s value. So making sure you go for a good quality option from a reputable expert means that the value of your home won’t be eroded. 


Specialists at crafting replacement windows

Ventrolla are specialists at crafting replacement windows that have all the features of those authentic to your home. With four decades of experience, you can trust them to manufacture a replacement sash or casement window which mirrors the original. Something which Listed Building Consent and conservation officers will insist on. 


So, whether you’ve been the owner of a period house for many years or you are new to it, stop and think before you pull up those floor boards, tear off tiles, swap fireplaces for a modern alternative or rip out your draughty old windows in a quest for something warmer. The future of your home depends on you as a custodian of its history – and preserving it for generations to come is in your hands. 


Would you like to discuss how you can maintain your original windows?

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