What makes a Venetian sash window so different?


When it comes to identifying timber windows, there’s a surprisingly wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs that you might encounter in a period property – from sash and French to arched and gothic. But have you heard of a Venetian sash window? 


Venetian sash window, crafted by Ventrolla


In previous posts, we’ve taken a look at some of the different window styles that we’ve been lucky enough to work on throughout the years – including the Yorkshire Slider and intriguingly named, ‘oeil-de-bouef’. Sash and casement windows also have subtle differences, depending on their era – the Georgians preferred regularity in their window design, for example, whereas the Victorians favoured more ornate detail.


Introducing the Venetian sash – a triple design with slimmer mullions

One of the more unusual window designs, that we’ve not yet touched on, is the Venetian sash window. This style was commonly found in terraced houses in the late nineteenth century. But what is it that makes these windows different from a more typical sliding sash?

To start with, Venetian sash windows are divided into three. This triple window design has two outside windows and a central box sash. Commonly, they are built so that the central window sashes are the only ones that operate, with the smaller outer sashes fixed, however, they can be configured so that all sashes slide up and down.

Unlike a standard sash window, the cords for the central sashes go through the top of the mullions, over pulleys and into the side boxings. The weights that balance the sash, and allow for its smooth operation, are located in the outer boxes, too. This allows for slimmer mullions which give a very different look to this style of window.


A new Venetian sash window, by Ventrolla


Repair, renovate or replace your Venetian sash window, with help from the experts

As experts in timber windows, at Ventrolla we are often called on to repair and renovate original Venetian sash windows. But when windows are beyond repair, we hand-craft replica windows in our workshop – using sustainable wood. Our replacement Venetian sash windows are made to mirror the original windows, ensuring a customer’s home retains as much of its authentic period charm as possible.

At the bottom of this blog is a helpful video outlining the parts of a Venetian sash window, using a window that we made in our Harrogate workshop. You can also view more videos on our YouTube channel.


Draught-proofing, as standard

The benefit of our repaired or replacement Venetian sashes, is that we can integrate our innovative VPSS draught-proofing system into the sliding windows, to make sure the customer’s home is warmer, quieter and less prone to water and dust ingress. You can find more about our Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System here.


Do you have a sash window project we can help with?

So, if you have a Venetian sash window that requires repairs, or you’re looking for a specialist to replace your existing window, our team will be delighted to book in a no-obligation survey with you.