Top 5 renovation mistakes & how to avoid them

Renovating a property is a big investment in terms of time and money – so making sure you stick to your budget, schedule and making the right choices along the way – is key to helping your project be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We asked Ventrolla’s in-house interior designer, Andy Salter, what the top 5 questions are that you should be asking yourself – and how to avoid making renovation mistakes.

1. Have you been realistic about the costs involved?

The cost of your renovation will naturally depend on the condition of the property, as well as whether you’re planning cosmetic improvements or an overhaul of the layout. Rather than guessing what you need to achieve, it’s worth getting estimates from professionals so you know what figure you’re looking at. It’s better to do this at the start of a project rather than finding out, months down the line, that a quick cosmetic makeover has snowballed into a complete reconstruction of a room.

Top 5 renovation mistakes and how to avoid them

2. Are you sticking to your budget?

While we’re on the subject of money, once you know what needs doing – or what you want to achieve – it’s important to set a realistic budget. By all means include a contingency to cope with those jobs that you couldn’t foresee. But it’s best to break down parts of the project into smaller ‘chunks’ and review the money you’ve spent when you conclude each part. And be honest with yourself – if you decide to plump for the more expensive flooring, think about looking for ways to reduce costs in other areas, so your final figure doesn’t run away with you.



3. Are cheap fittings false economy?

It’s only natural that you want to save money as you cross jobs off the list – but buying cheap fittings and fixtures can result in a room that needs re-doing sooner than you’d like. It’s much better, then, to buy the best you can afford so your home renovation not only has a quality finish, but saves you from repairing or replacing parts that don’t last. Look out for products with guarantees – especially for things you use day in, day out. Cheap taps, for example, are definitely false economy. Kitchens and bathrooms get heavy use, so source products that blend durability with style.

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4. Would consulting a designer have got a better result?

The internet is your friend when it comes to looking for ideas to inspire your restoration or renovation. However it can be a much better plan to consult a designer in order to get a hard-working layout or the optimum space from a room. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either – you may find that the company you’re working with on your windows, flooring or building work offer a design service that you can take advantage of.



5. Should you ‘DIY’ or get the professionals in?

Of course, there are many jobs that you can do yourself to save money – decorating, for example. But where you’re not quite so confident, it definitely pays to call in a professional. Not only will they be able to foresee potential problems that you might not envisage but they can also trouble shoot, if something doesn’t go to plan. They will most likely have insurance, too, to cover any mishaps. But safety is the biggest part – a professional will have the relevant accreditations required for work, like plumbing and electricals, to ensure your insurance is valid.

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