Inspiring ideas to give your home renovation the edge

When it comes to renovating a property, you may feel that need an injection of inspiration once you’ve tackled the big jobs, like restoring or replacing windows and doors. If you’re short on ideas, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions which could add the wow-factor to your home. From grand design ideas to finishing touches – here are our top five renovation ideas to consider:


Home renovation idea #1: Wood for walls

Walls don’t have to be finished in plasterboard and skimmed – you can spare yourself the anguish of tester pots and free yourself from hours spent poring over wallpaper samples! Birch faced plywood is a popular choice with interior-savvy designers – adding warmth and texture to a space. Slatted walls made with ply are also a key look at the moment – simply stained or varnished to celebrate the natural tones of the wood. Timber cladding is also a great option for exterior walls – whether it’s stained or left to weather naturally.


Add texture and interest with interior wood walls


Idea #2: Create weather-proof outdoor spaces

While large patio and decks look amazing, they don’t really take into account Britain’s often wet summers. The alternative is to create a veranda – either across the back or wrapping around your home. The roof will enable you to enjoy the fresh air without getting wet! If you have the space, a garden room can also create a useful place to relax, work, play or entertain – there are a range of great designs out there, to complement heritage homes or contemporary pads.


Add a veranda and pergola to expand your space


Idea #3: Zoned spaces

While open plan spaces have been popular for some time, they’re not always the most practical option for busy family lives. ‘Broken plan’ is an adaptation of this look – splitting larger spaces into zones, using shelving, screens and free standing furniture to create distinct areas. So if you love the open plan feel, but crave a cosy space to relax or dine, this could be the design statement for you.


Add bookshelves or dividers to break-up large spaces


Idea #4: Exterior meets interior surfaces

Of course, opening spaces out onto the garden with bifold or sliding doors isn’t a new idea – but sharing materials moves this concept on. Choose floor tiles that work inside and out – an uninterrupted expanse of the same flooring can make a space feel bigger and more cohesive. Wall tiles that start in the kitchen and move out into the garden also create a more joined-up feel – giving your deck, courtyard or patio a more ‘outside room’ vibe.


Inside meets outside with bi-fold doors


Idea #5: Internal glazing

Whether you’re knocking down internal walls or closing up open plan spaces as part of your home renovation project, maximising natural light is a key issue. Internal glazing ensures light can flood even into the most central parts of your home, offering soundproofing as a secondary benefit. So you get the holy grail of a spacious feel without the impracticalities of a fully open plan home.


Add internal glazing to your home renovation project, to allow more light


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