Modern ways to add value to your home in Harrogate

At present, house prices are soaring to new levels. Last year in Harrogate, house prices rose by an average of £39k, up 3% from the previous year. Below is the current average price for all types of Harrogate homes:

  • Detached – £511,741
  • Semi-detached – £305,886
  • Terraced – £251,179
  • Flats – £184,713

However, these are only averages. There are many stunning, traditional properties in Harrogate which are priced well above the million-pound mark. In the current seller’s market, many Harrogate homeowners are anxious to get the best possible price for their properties. Here are some projects you could undertake to maximise your home’s value.

Timber window renovation

Countless older properties in Harrogate have beautiful traditional timber windows. These look stunning, but their age often means they’re only fitted with single glazing. With today’s escalating energy prices, single-glazed windows could end up costing vast amounts in energy bills. This would see prospective buyers reduce their offer as compensation for the renovation they’d have to undertake upon moving in.

Pre-empt this by investing in modern, double-glazed timber heritage windows. Alternatively, secondary glazing can be installed in older properties to achieve the same thermal benefits without having to remove the property’s original windows.

brown timber window

Heritage aluminium windows

While some wish to preserve the traditional aesthetic of their Harrogate homes, others may want to bring them into the 21st century. Aluminium windows, with their slim and minimalist frames, look exceptionally modern on any property.

In shades like black and anthracite grey, they also create a beautiful contrast with the more traditional stone or brick exterior. This could help to significantly boost your property’s kerb appeal, encouraging more prospective buyers to make offers, thus driving up the price.

repairing sash windows

Investing in a garden room

Many heritage properties in Harrogate are already fairly spacious, making a full extension an unnecessary project. A more typical conservatory, furthermore, may not suit the existing style of the property. A state-of-the-art garden room, however, offers a stylish space that remains separate from the main body of the house.

This can be used as a study or a reading room, but above all it can add more value onto your home. Manufactured to suit the unique character of your home, this project will appear completely natural on your lawn. This contrasts greatly to an old dysfunctional conservatory, which could end up detracting value from your home.

Heritage home improvements that increase value for Harrogate properties

Ventrolla are the experts when it comes to heritage repairs and installation work on period properties. We’re dedicated to improving and modernising your property while preserving its traditional charm.

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