Timber vs Aluminium – which material is best for my restoration project?

Many of you come to us with the hard choice between timber or aluminium for windows and doors. On the surface, both materials are excellent choices because they are versatile and can provide beautiful results.

Many timber windows and doors are now highly efficient with modern technology, and many aluminium designs can be constructed with a wood grain or timber effects. With so many different specifications and options available, how do you compare?

There are many significant considerations when restoring a property, so let us discuss the differences between timber and aluminium to make one choice a little bit easier.


What are the benefits of timber windows and doors?

It’s impossible to oversee timber windows and doors have many benefits and advantages. From the charming aesthetic to helping reduce your heating bills. When carrying out a restoration project, you’d be hard pushed to find a better material for windows and doors.

yellow timber front door

Thermal efficiency

Keeping heating costs down is essential for almost every homeowner, and timber windows can help reduce those bills.

Timber has a low thermal conduction rating, which means it holds excellent insulation qualities.


Timber is a desirable window and door material for many homeowners, especially when looking at a traditional restoration, mainly because it offers more character than other alternatives, such as uPVC.

Environmentally friendly

Installing timber windows and doors can help to remove carbon from the atmosphere. This is because plant-based organisms, like trees, absorb carbon. All the wood used for our timber windows and doors has been sustainably sourced, making timber an ecologically conscious choice for your property.


Wood is a well-used building material throughout the construction industry due to its durability. Whether rain, wind, shine or heat, wood will remain strong for many years, proving a worthwhile home investment choice.

At Ventrolla, we use a range of premium timbers such as hardwoods like Sapele, softwoods like redwood, and a fast-growing, sustainably sourced ‘super wood’ called Accoya®.

Repair, don’t replace

The life of timber windows and doors can be extended with good maintenance and, if necessary, repairs. If needed, repairs are more affordable than an entire window and door replacement and means they last far longer.


What are the benefits of aluminium windows and doors?

There are many benefits that aluminium windows and doors can bring to your home during their long life span.

aluminum bifold door


You will be able to enjoy your aluminium windows and doors for not only years but decades. Aluminium is incredibly resistant to the elements and requires little to no maintenance at all.

Slimline framework

If you want to let as much light as possible into your renovation project or enjoy the expanded views, then aluminium windows and doors require very slight frames and can hold large glass panes. This is quite different to the previous bulky structures of other types of window and door frames, such as uPVC.

Flexible design choices

Aluminium can be easily shaped, making your design possibilities almost endless. Thanks to the strength of aluminium, they can support grand designs and more glass than any other building material.

Easy to clean and maintain 

To keep your aluminium windows and doors looking brand new for years to come, all they need is a little wipe every now and then. We apply a powder-coated finish to the aluminium profiles, which comes with an up to 20-year guarantee against detachment, flaking, and blistering of treated aluminium parts. The powder-coated finish stops corrosion and discolouring and keeps the gloss finish while exceeding any other defined tolerances.

Minimal maintenance is highly desirable for many property owners knowing they never have to worry.

High level of security

Aluminium is an incredibly durable and robust material that will help make you feel safe in your home.

Aluminium windows are manufactured from a material with massive strength advantages compared to other materials like uPVC, which makes them far more robust. Regarding structural integrity, even the slimmest aluminium windows and doors will keep your home extremely secure.

 Lower energy bills

When used to support large glass panes, aluminium frames help improve your home’s insulation. This is because glass is a very effective insulator and aluminium frames come with a built-in thermal break that reduces or prevents any thermal energy from flowing from one conductive material to another. So, you can turn your heating down and reduce your energy bills.

Environmentally friendly

Keeping heat in your home, and lowering your need for heating, is just one way that aluminium frames are kinder to the environment. Aluminium is a sustainable material that can be recycled, making a tiny carbon footprint.

Security and installation

Aluminium is a highly secure material and is incredibly strong and durable. You can achieve the highest levels of security when using aluminium, especially when a professional service like ours at Ventrolla By Design carries out the installation service.

large house with sash windows

Windows and doors for restoration projects in Harrogate

Ventrolla has helped many period property owners through their renovation journeys. We provide help and advice to ensure you make the right choice for your restoration project.


Get in touch with our team today to discuss whether timber or aluminium windows and doors are the best choice for your project. Call 0800 0277 454 or use our online form for more information.


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