Great Glazing Ideas: From Timber To Aluminium & Everything In-Between

casement window renovation

Maximising natural light in a home is a key priority for property owners. After all, there’s nothing like a room bathed with daylight to give you that all-important sense of space.

If you’re extending or building from scratch, you have the freedom to choose windows that work hard for you – sliding, bifold, roof lanterns, timber windows and more. And if you have original period sash or casement window that aren’t as good at letting in light as they used to be, you can call in the experts to restore them to their former glory.

But with so many options out there, you might find that you’re fazed by glazing – so, we’re here to help:

Roof Lights & Lanterns​

Great for introducing light into a large room, where ‘standard’ windows can’t be added or are not creating enough light, roof lights and roof lanterns have the effect of flooding a room with light. Whether above a dining table, in a bathroom or in a loft bedroom, they can introduce almost twice the amount of light as a vertical window of a similar size.

Roof Lantern

Glass roof lantern in a flat roof of a new build house. Elevated view, with reflected sky. Billericay, Essex, United Kingdom, January 29, 2020

Light Tunnels

It can be virtually impossible to introduce natural light into basements and rooms in the middle of a property. That’s where ingenious light tunnels come into their own. Otherwise known as ‘sun pipes’, these are glazed domes which are positioned on the sunniest side of your roof, with a flexible tube reaching down to bring light into even the darkest of rooms.

Bi-folding & Sliding Doors

A perfect choice when it comes to creating a seamless flow between the inside of your home and the garden, bi-folding and sliding doors lend themselves to creating bright spaces. Ultra-modern and elegant, they blend arresting aesthetics with state-of-the art performance. And the sheer size of them is perfect for making the most of every last ray of natural light – giving you an interior that’s light and airy.

Some of most desirable windows out there, aluminium bi-folds and sliding windows are the ultimate in high-end style. Practical, design-led, high quality and sustainable, they’re an investment, which will enhance properties of all eras – marrying style with all the home comforts you’re looking for.

aluminum bifold door


Timber Windows & Doors

bedroom with tall sash window

While contemporary-style bi-folding, sliding and roof windows are in demand today, they’re not always the right option if you live in a heritage home or you’re building a property in a traditional style. Bespoke timber windows and doors made to mirror authentic sash windows, casement windows or doors can add value to a home – blending the rich character of hardwood with attention to detail, like beautifully-shaped profiles. Timber window specialists, like Ventrolla, craft exceptional period-style windows using a blend of time-honoured skill and modern techniques.

Restoring Original Windows

If your original windows aren’t letting in as much light as you feel they should, there is something you can do. Traditional sash windows can suffer from a number of issues – including cracked panes or distorted glazing – which in turn can make a room feel dark. Calling in timber window repair experts can give your windows a new lease of life. With new glass in place – single or double-glazed – a restored period window is a thing of beauty.

Expertly-restored timber framed windows can not only make a room brighter – but they can offer a wealth of other modern benefits, too. With the right glazing, heat loss can be reduced by as much as 65%. Low-emissivity or Low-E glass is often the best choice because the glazing has been engineered to provide a range of insulating benefits. You can also opt for acoustic glass or secondary glazing to make your home quieter if you’re bothered by external noise.

Do you have a requirement for new timber windows or doors?

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