Rattling Sash Windows: Causes And Solutions

large living room sash windows

Older period, Victorian sash windows look beautiful, but they can be a nuisance on a windy day. Gaps in the sealing system can whistle and the whole window unit will sometimes rattle in its frame.

Not only is this noise distracting and annoying, but it can be an indication of a bigger problem: that the window is not thermally efficient. The Victorian sash windows are allowing cold air into the home and could also be potentially allowing damp to seep into the frame, slowly rotting the wood over time.

Common Problems with Sash Windows


Rattling timber sash windows: causes and solutions

As the weather turns to autumn, you may become aware of new rattles and shakes at your Victorian sash windows, and now is the time to act before the true cold of winter approaches.

What causes the rattle?

Because wood is a natural resource it will change and move over time. Old timber technology was not as efficient as it is today, and poor maintenance of the wood can lead to swelling, warping, or rotting of the timber. These small changes in shape will cause gaps that will rattle in the wind.

If your window is noisy only when raising the sash, then it could be that the mechanism inside has started to perish.

What is the solution?

To remedy the problem of rattling sash windows you have a couple of options:

  • Ideally, replace the whole window with a new timber sash window. With new glass and perimeter sealing technology, the new window will retain the look and charm of an original sash window, with none of the problems.
  • Alternatively, you could have an expert restore your sash window. The experts at Ventrolla can replace timber, mechanisms and install slim double-glazed units for a much improved thermal efficiency.

If you’re noticing creaks and rattles in your home, it may be time to contact us for advice and an estimate.