Surviving the Winter – Thermal insulation in your sash windows

Winter is upon us and if you are still living with original sash windows in your home, you will inevitably be feeling the draughts whistling through those old frames. Maybe you’ll be considering ripping those old windows out and replacing them with something modern. Something that will protect you from the cruel British winters.

But replacing sash windows doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in style. By choosing Ventrolla, it’s perfectly possible to have that same period look with amazing modern thermal insulation. You can have the best of both worlds.

There are two problems with old sash windows: the frame and the glass. Let’s take a look at how both have been upgraded using the latest technology at Ventrolla.

sash windows in the winter


Ventrolla sashes slide open effortlessly, but thanks to the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) there is no gap to allow draughts, or to allow heat to escape. All frames are timber custom-made by our craftsmen and tested to withstand up to 71 mph winds (by British Standards BS 6375:1-2009).


New Ventrolla sash units use slim 14mm double-glazed units with Planitherm Total+ glass (outer pane) and a krypton-filled cavity. These sleek modern units ensure amazing thermal efficiency to keep your home toasty in those cold winter months.

Replacing sash windows to new Ventrolla sash windows would guarantee reduced energy costs for your home and promise an estimated 30% improvement in energy efficiency. If you’d like more information about winter-proofing your home, why not speak with our experts.

winter windows in the snow

Preserving the life of your wooden sash windows

A good timber sash window should last a lifetime. If looked after correctly, the window will outlive all of us. But how much maintenance is required to look after a timber sash window? Are they a lot of work to keep ship-shaped?

The answer is that a good quality sash window requires less maintenance than you think, and is built to last longer than comparable uPVC windows.

After installation

Replacing sash windows from Ventrolla, arrive already primed any to protect exposed wood from the elements for the short time whilst you organise a painter and decorator. We also provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to paint a sash window which has our Sash Removal System installed.

Cleaning windows

Windows should be cleaned approximately twice a year using washing-up liquid and a sponge or cloth. It is not recommended to use kitchen or bathroom cleaners. Glass cleaner is not good for the frames so is not recommended.

Recoating windows

If painted professionally, a window should only need recoating after approximately 3 years. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the window frame to identify any scratches or chips which may damage the wood. To repair a chip in the paintwork, finely sand the affected area with a light abrasive then wipe with a wet cloth. Apply paint (or stain) with a brush taking care not to get paint on the seals or gaskets.

To completely recoat a window frame, rub down with a fine grade ‘wet and dry’ silicon paper to remove dirt and provide a smooth surface to paint. Wipe down with a wet cloth. Leave to dry completely before applying your chosen paint.

Ventrolla sash windows are engineered to last with minimal maintenance. For more information about replacing sash windows, contact us.