Cleaning New Sash Windows

sash window in kitchen

Once you have new sash windows from Ventrolla, you’ll want to keep them pristine and clean during these bright autumnal days. A low level of basic maintenance and cleaning is important to prolong the life of your new sash windows and to keep it looking great.

How to Clean New Sash Windows

There’s very little you need to know about cleaning your new sash windows. Just as with any window, you will need to clean periodically with soapy water.

Cleaning the outside of a sash window

If you can easily reach the window from outside, then wash with soapy water. To prevent streaking, use a window squeegee. As you clean, take this opportunity to inspect your window and frame for any wear and tear that may need attention.

Cleaning the inside of a sash window

Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and cobwebs. Use a glass cleaner and micro-cloth or alternatively, use a similar method as outside, but only use a small amount of the soapy water to avoid creating damp/spills in your home.

Difficult to reach sash windows

If you can’t reach the top of your window, try pulling the outer pane down to clean the top half of it. Then push the inner pane halfway up and clean the top half of that. Push the inner and outer pane up, and do the lower half of the outer pane. Push the inner pane halfway up, and do the lower half of it.

If your window is on the first or second floor, it may be a good time to use the services of a local window cleaner.

As with all household maintenance jobs, the more often you clean your windows, the easier the job is. If you would like more information about cleaning a Ventrolla sash window, please speak with our experts.