Sash Window Restoration

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As well as supplying beautiful new timber-framed sash windows, Ventrolla offers a very popular repair and restoration service for a large sash window. Sometimes, customers just don’t want to part with their original sash windows, but they are aware that the windows are not as efficient as modern windows, or may be in need of repair. That’s when they reach out to Ventrolla for a restoration quote.

Ventrolla is able to offer the survey and quote by phone at no obligation. After this, they will send a technical surveyor to your home to take exact measurements and note which repairs are necessary.

Sash Window Restoration

The repair will include:

  • Removal of the old glass
  • Replacement of any decaying timber. Timber will be kept where possible and where this is not possible, new timber is spliced in place.
  • Filling all cavities. Any remaining cavities are filled with epoxy resin VR90.
  • Replace the mechanism. Cords and service pulleys are replaced to ensure a smooth opening action.
  • Upgrade the seal. The window seal is replaced with Ventrolla’s own Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) to eliminate draughts and rattles.
  • Replace the glass with efficient double-glazed units.

The whole process is done on-site within a working day by experienced technicians. Replacing and restoring a large sash window will make a huge difference to the look and the thermal efficiency of your home. If you’d like a quote to restore a large sash window in your home or workplace, please contact us.