The Advantages of Timber Framed Windows

curved sash window

Here at Ventrolla, we don’t sell uPVC windows. That’s because we believe timber-framed sash windows are by far the better option. They look great and are built using only the best materials and quality craftsmanship. But if you are still undecided on which to go for (uPVC or timber), let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

The advantages of timber framed windows

The look

Timber-framed windows look fantastic. uPVC looks cheap and plastic. It’s such a visible part of your home, why scrimp money on something so important?

Long lasting

Quality timber-framed windows are built to last. uPVC windows have an average life of 15-25 years. Ventrolla timer-framed new sash windows have a life span of 50-70 years. When you consider the life of the window, it’s easy to see which window offers the best savings over time.

Adds value to your property

If you do come to sell your home, timber-framed new sash windows make the property much more desirable. You may well find that the money you spend on the windows is more than covered by the increased house price.

Environmental impact

The last thing we need right now is more plastic in the world. uPVC is a pollutant that is difficult and expensive to recycle, so often ends up in landfill. Timber, on the other hand, will last for years and can be easily recycled.

Energy efficiency

Ventrolla timber-framed new sash windows have high quality double-glazing and the unique VPSS to ensure maximum efficiency in your home.

If you’d like more information about the advantages of timber-framed windows please speak with our experts.