I Love my Old Windows But Hate Being Cold

Ventrolla’s Innovation for Period Windows

We love period properties with their characterful timber windows but despite the pleasure original timber windows give you, we do know that they can sometimes be pretty uncomfortable to live with.

Sash windows have earned a reputation for making a home cold and energy in-efficient. But you don’t have to live with these issues! As well as repairing rotten timber and freeing sashes that are stuck, at Ventrolla we are also experts in draught-proofing original timber windows and upgrading glazing for a warmer home.

Enjoy a Cosier, Draught-Free Home

Original sash and casement windows bring traditional charm to a property, but they are renowned for draughts and rattles, especially in windy weather. Many people contact us to help them draught-proof their timber windows, so they can enjoy a cosier and quieter home. Draught proofing can also protect windows from damage caused by rattling in adverse conditions. Our expertise in draught proofing means that we take your original windows, install our innovative Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), and eliminate draughts in an instant. This clever system, which can be colour matched to any window so it fits in discreetly, also:

· Banishes rattles

· Stops water and dust ingress

· Helps to reduce outside noise being heard in your home

· Keeps warm air in to reduce your energy bills

Upgrading Your Glazing

Our double glazing solutions will help you keep the traditional charm of your wooden windows, while also benefiting from modern energy performance, sound insulation and security. We offer two double glazed options for sash windows: We can make slimline, double glazed sashes and install them into your existing sash box, or we can manufacture new hardwood double glazed sash windows.

We know that sometimes double glazing is not the right solution for upgrading your timber sash or casement windows. It may be that you live in a listed building or your property is subject to the regulations of a conservation area. In these cases, secondary glazing is an ideal alternative and we have years of expertise crafting and installing it in homes from the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian era.

If you’d like to ask us a question about draught proofing or glazing, or book a survey, please make an enquiry today – we look forward to hearing from you