How do I get a quote for my timber window repairs?

Timber window repair quote

The Survey Process

You may have spotted some of the window restorations we’ve shared on social media, where we’ve been lucky enough to work on stunning period properties around the country. If this has prompted you to look at the condition of your own timber windows, we thought it would be worth explaining how you can get us involved in your project.

‘Can you give me a quote from this photo?’ is something we’re often asked. The simple answer is, unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy!

While a photograph of your window frame or glazing can give us an indication of the kind of work that might be required, what we can’t see is the story that lies beneath the surface.

There may be rotten wood lurking under otherwise-pristine paintwork on frames or sills, which a picture won’t reveal. We may spot clues on your interior or exterior walls that indicate a particular ‘hidden‘ problem. We can’t check how your sashes are operating from a photo – and we can’t feel draughts or hear rattles either!

So, the way we assess the condition of your windows is by carrying out a survey. These are pre-booked by you – using our enquiry form, emailing us on or by calling our friendly team on 0808 301 9668.

On the day, one of our technical experts will visit your property in person. Rest assured, we have a range of Covid-safe regulations in place to make our visits are as safe as possible for you and our team.

What does the survey cover?

We’ll start by listening to the concerns you have about your sash or casement windows. Your survey, which typically takes around 30 minutes, then enables us to look at your window in detail, to assess the condition of the timber and the glazing, and investigate any problems – from draughts and leaks to excess noise from outside or annoying rattles. We’ll look at how your sashes are functioning, including cords and pulleys, too.

Once we’ve seen your windows ‘in real life’, we can then give you a detailed overview of the work we consider necessary along with an estimate. It may be that renovation is the perfect solution for your windows. But if your windows are beyond repair – don’t worry – we can also sympathetically hand-craft replacement windows to mirror original windows, so they blend in seamlessly. Once you’ve let us know you’re happy with the estimate, we’ll be in touch to arrange for the next stage to be completed before we book your project in.

If you’d like to ask us a question or book a survey, please make an enquiry today – we look forward to hearing from you.