When is the Best Time of Year to Replace Sash and Case Windows?

Ventrolla’s Innovation for Period Windows

Traditionally, spring and summer are the time that people think about replacing sash and case windows. These warmer, dryer months are advantageous when working on the exterior of a house, so it is clear to see why people plan window repair and replacement for these times of year. The good news is that Ventrolla work all year round, up and down the UK. There are advantages and disadvantages to each season.

How each season effects replacing sash and case windows


UK winters are famously unreliable and wet. Many customers are tempted to wait for spring before replacing windows. The reality is that as our window units are manufactured off-site to an exact specification, the actual fitting is usually fast and with minimal disruption to your home. The other advantage is that winter is usually the quietest time for Ventrolla, so you may have a shorter wait time for your sash and case windows.


Spring is a great time to make home improvements. The weather is drier and warmer and people are keen to spend time refreshing their home. For Ventrolla this is an extremely busy time of year, so be sure to book your site survey well in advance to take full advantage of the weather.


Similarly, summer can be a great time to replace windows. The warm, dry air will mean that the installation process will not let unwelcome damp or drafts into your home. Like spring, summer can be a busy time, so do plan your restoration project well in advance.


If you’d like to replace sash and case windows before the cruel winter weather hits, autumn is a great time to install. The weather can still be dry and not too cold, and it tends to be a quieter time for our engineers so you may not be waiting as long.

Ultimately, rest assured that Ventrolla can work at any time of year to best fit in with your project. It’s really up to you. If you’d like a no-obligation quote and free survey, please contact us.