Are your wooden sash windows sustainable?

Fact is, timber sash and casement windows can outlast their uPVC counterparts by decades. While uPVC windows can be recycled at end of life, many end up in landfill. So the sheer longevity of wood windows makes them a more sustainable option.

But that doesn’t mean that wooden windows don’t need a little attention from time to time. You may need a replacement sill or sash box, or require a new window in place of an old one that’s beyond repair. So how can you ensure that new timber windows or replacement parts are also sustainable?

Speak to the experts

A timber window specialist should be your first port of call. At Ventrolla, sustainable timber is at the heart of our all our products – whether we’re replacing parts or crafting new ones. The wood we source is all responsibly sourced timber, so we can assure our customers of the sustainability credentials of the timber in their windows and doors.

Ventrolla Sash Windows Workshop

What is responsibly sourced timber?

There are numerous organisations dedicated to promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests. Because we only use responsibly sourced wood, you can rest assured that your windows are made with materials that support responsible forestry. Trees in certified forests are grown and harvested according to a strict set of guidelines that benefit the environment. These include:

– Limiting the number of trees cut down

– Restricting highly hazardous pesticides

– Protecting indigenous people as well as wildlife habitats


Accoya and Sapele – high-performance sustainable woods

When making windows in our UK workshops, we use Accoya and Sapele – responsibly sourced certified modified woods. Recognised for its performance and sustainability, no other timber offers the same combination of stability, durability and versatility. It won’t swell, shrink or distort, making it a perfect option for windows and doors.

Accoya and Sapele also have minimal environmental impact throughout their entire lives – from production and use to the end of their lives. Accoya and Sapele are proven to meet the most demanding ‘green’ criteria and its range of environmental certifications are testament to this. Read more about these here.


UK-crafted windows and doors

With workshops in three UK locations, Ventrolla keep miles down to a minimum when we bring your windows and doors to you. By keeping design and manufacture in-house for over 40 years, we also have complete control of the process from start to finish, too, so you can rest assured that our stringent quality standards are adhered to at every stage. But it’s not just sustainability that makes us tick. We’re proud of the wide range of accreditations we have to our name – you can find out more about them here.

Sustainable wooden sash windows workshop


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