Help! My sash windows are jammed shut

If you are in a period home with sash windows that have been there for many years, you may be aware of the problem of sash windows that just won’t open! It’s very frustrating.

There can be a number of causes for this problem: they may have been painted shut, the wood may have started to rot, the timber may have swollen or bowed over time, or the cord and service pulleys may have gone. It’s not an unusual problem but correcting the issue can be complex.

On a sunny day, wouldn’t it be nice to open those windows wide, and let in some air? Well before you rip the whole window frame out and replace it with something more modern, it’s a great idea to look at some of the sash window restoration services that Ventrolla offer.

man repairing sash window
repairing sash window

Ventrolla have been repairing and restoring period sash windows now for over 35 years. Our expert craft men have honed and perfected our restoration service to the highest of standards. When you choose a Ventrolla restoration, we provide a six-stage process to the perfect restoration:

Firstly, we fully remove the old windows, then remove any decaying timber, splice in new timber, fill in all cavities to make the frame fully draught-proof, replace cords and service pulleys that ensure a smooth operation and finally, upgrade the seal.

Your windows will retain the same classic period look they always had, but they will be more thermally efficient, and most-importantly, will glide open easily on warm summer afternoons.

sash window in kitchen
sash windows with shutters

If you would like any more information about Ventrolla’s Window repair work, please get in touch.