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Period homes are not always plumb straight and it’s these nuances that add character, but that also means buying a door off the shelf is not always possible. A Ventrolla door will be measured to the millimetre to ensure a snug fit in your door frame and smooth operation welcoming guests and family for years to come.

Doors in period properties can be ill-fitting due to building movement over the years, and can also be draughty; unless they have a quality sealing system installed. A door’s energy performance can be upgraded using the same principles used on sash windows and can be fitted into Front Doors, Patio Doors, French Doors and Internal Doors.

As with our sash window renovation process, Ventrolla’s two-part service in relation to doors begins with the renovation of the original timber. The second part is draught-proofing using the unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS). 

Our preferred method is to install our Perimeter Sealing System around the door itself to avoid altering either the appearance or aesthetics of the door. Alternatively, it can be fitted within door blades secured to the frame. The choice will depend upon the type of the door and the customer’s requirements.

In our standard installation, the pile carrier is routed into the timber giving it a fixed point and making the system an integral part of the door. The appropriate sized weather fin pile weather-stripping is then selected to suit the gap, and inserted into the pile carrier.

The seal conforms to BS 7386: 1997, being manufactured from a multifilament polypropylene yarn that is silicon treated to be water repellent and UV stabilised. This means that it will retain its integrity and benefits throughout its life.

Whether your home or project has timber doors, sash windows or casement windows, Ventrolla’s system can reduce energy loss whilst retaining the building’s character.

All our doors are crafted in Britain using traditional joinery techniques together with modern machining.

Soldi Wood Door Crafted by Ventrolla
New Bespoke Wooden Door by Ventrolla
Solid Wooden Doors by Ventrolla
Ventrolla Joinery Window Workshop Manufactured in Britain

The finishing touches

Your new door will be supplied sprayed with a high build base coat and an anti-stain primer, ready for final finishing coat by others.

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