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Designed to deliver the thinnest sightlines possible in both commercial and high-end residential settings, minimalist aluminium doors are ideal for both historic steel door replacement projects and modern new build projects alike. Combined with efficient double glazing, conservation-friendly secondary glazing, or single glazing to suit the most restricted locations, the refined elegance of our sleek aluminium door products seamlessly provides modern and period buildings around the UK with the chic 'more glass, less frame' look without ever compromising on essential performance and security.

aluminum bifold door

Are aluminium doors thermally efficient?

Modern aluminium doors from Ventrolla feature cutting-edge thermal break technology. Designed to notably reduce heat loss and condensation, unlike old steel and aluminium doors, our robust multi-chambered aluminium frames will not contract or expand in extreme temperatures either.

Incredibly thermally efficient and strong, depending on the glazing specified, our aluminium doors can achieve A+ energy ratings with non-insulated, super-insulated & Passive House compliant frames available.

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aluminum bifold door

Can you put aluminium doors in listed buildings?

It is always best to repair historic steel doors where possible. However, this is not always a viable option, especially if they have been neglected over the years by previous owners. If your renovation plans include altering heritage doors in listed buildings, conservation areas, or locations covered by an Article 4 Direction, consent may be required to go ahead.

Working closely with local conservation and planning officers, English Heritage, Historic England, Historic Scotland, and Cadw, if renovation is not a viable option, we can supply completely new aluminium doors designed to seamlessly replace original iron or steel doors.

aluminum bifold door

How do I know when to replace my door?

There are certain signs to look out for, including:

  • Rusty, rotten, warped, or peeling frames
  • Draughts or leaks
  • Damaged or foggy glass
  • Sticking or difficulty opening and closing
  • Mould or mildew
  • Increased bills or noise from outside
  • Obsolete locking mechanisms
  • Single glazing

What our customers are saying

Thank you very much for an excellent job, by some of the nicest, most professional builders I have had working here for three decades.

Mrs Schecter, Kensington

Excellent service from the fitters. Extremely impressed with their tools and equipment to carry out the works. Certainly knew what they were doing. A welcome change

Mr & Mrs Kukk, Whitby

We were most impressed with the speed of your reply, the sympathy you had with the building’s integrity, the quality of your demo kit and the attention to detail in your quote. You are an excellent advocate for your company.

Mary Sherwood

Hi Jarrod I refer to our recent telephone conversation and as agreed, attach hereto formal confirmation of my satisfaction with the works undertaken by your company. Ian and Lee are a credit to your business and from my discussions with them, I can tell that they really enjoy being part of the Ventrolla team.


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