Retrofit Talks: Timber Window Solutions x Ventrolla

Build your Retrofitting knowledge: Join Ventrolla for a Timber Window Solutions Webinar

Are you curious about the intricate process behind retrofitting buildings to meet modern standards while preserving their historical charm? Look no further! Ventrolla invites you to a webinar, Timber Window Solutions, as part of Retrofit Talks: a platform showcasing architects and product manufacturers discussing their retrofit projects.


Event Details –

  • Retrofit Talks: Timber Window Solutions x Ventrolla
  • Date: Tuesday, 9th July 2024
  • Time: 1-2pm (GMT)
  • Venue: Online
  • Speaker: Dave Tiller, Technical Surveyor at Ventrolla


About Retrofit Talks –

Retrofit Talks is an engaging webinar series within Retrofit 24, where architects and manufacturers delve into completed or ongoing retrofit projects. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn first-hand about the process, challenges, and outcomes of these endeavours, connecting professionals and bringing awareness to retrofitting. Furthermore, Retrofit Talks provides attendees with the opportunity to participate in the Q&A session to further enrich their understanding and knowledge of topics that are discussed.


Why Timber Windows Matter –

Upgrading timber windows is essential for retrofitting structures to be future-proof. In this webinar, Dave Tiller will explore the history of timber sash windows, the renovation process, and various performance upgrade options, including draught proofing and secondary glazing. Dave will also discuss testing, compliance, and share insightful case studies showcasing Ventrolla’s expertise.


Meet Dave Tiller –

With an impressive forty-three years in the fenestration industry, Dave Tiller is a seasoned expert in his field. As Ventrolla’s Technical Surveyor, he brings unparalleled technical knowledge and experience to the table. Dave is renowned for his expertise and frequently speaks at national events, delivering RIBA CPD sessions for Ventrolla. Over his fifteen years with Ventrolla, Dave has become a trusted figure, overseeing the Ventrolla Academy and providing training, CPDs, and technical advice to surveyors.



Join Us and Expand Your Knowledge –

Whether you’re an architect, builder, or simply intrigued by the retrofitting process, this CPD-accredited webinar approved by RIBA is not to be missed. Gain insights into building conservation, heritage design, construction technology, and sustainable architecture. Plus, receive a CPD certificate upon attendance for your professional development needs.


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Timber Window Solutions Ventrolla. We look forward to welcoming you!