Retrofit Meets: Solutions for Decarbonising Heritage Estates

Join us at the Building Centre to explore decarbonising heritage estates 

Ventrolla is excited to announce that our very own Technical Manager, Dave Tiller, will be one of the distinguished speakers at the upcoming “Retrofit Meets” seminar. This event, part of a series organised to discuss the latest in the built environment, focuses on the challenges and solutions in decarbonising heritage estates.


Event Details –

Retrofit Meets: Solutions for Decarbonising Heritage Estates

  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2024
  • Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Location: Seminar Suites, The Building Centre, London


Event Overview:

“Retrofit Meets” is a series of in-person panel discussions where experts share insights from their latest research and projects related to energy efficiency and the preservation of heritage buildings. Also, these seminars encourage audience participation during the Q&A session following the presentations.


What are Heritage Estates? 

Heritage estates represent an invaluable aspect of our cultural and architectural heritage, embodying centuries of history and tradition. These estates typically encompass a collection of buildings, landscapes, and features, ranging from stately homes and mansions to gardens, parks, and historical landmarks. They often serve as living artifacts, offering glimpses into the lifestyles, craftsmanship, and societal norms of bygone eras. However, maintaining and preserving heritage estates present unique challenges, particularly in the face of modernisation and environmental threats. Balancing conservation efforts with the need for sustainable adaptation is crucial to ensure these treasures endure for future generations to cherish and appreciate.


Panel Details –

The seminar will be chaired by Josh McCosh from van Heyningen & Haward Architects. Initially, he will introduce key options such as insulation, windows, and heating systems. Furthermore, he will discuss the challenges of improving energy efficiency in heritage buildings. He will then be joined by a panel of experts who will highlight how their products and solutions can be applied in real-world scenarios. They will use case studies to illustrate their effectiveness.


Featured Speakers –

  • Josh McCosh (Partner, van Heyningen & Haward Architects)

Josh McCosh, partner at van Heyningen & Haward Architects, started his career at small practices. His first major project, the Chinese Picture Gallery, focused on reusing listed buildings. He has led projects like the Classics Faculty at Oxford University and Chelmsford College refurbishments.

  • James Basey (Architect/Building Surveyor, National Trust)

James Basey, a RIBA chartered architect, works for the National Trust managing properties in Hampshire and the South Downs. He focuses on protecting heritage buildings from climate change through mitigation, management, and adaptation. Previously, he specialised in retrofitting historic buildings in private practice in London and the South East.

  • Chris Newman (Zero Carbon Design Manager, Mitsubishi Electric)

Chris Newman has been with Mitsubishi Electric for over 15 years, working in central plant, commercial heating, sales, project engineering, and energy strategy. His growing interest in carbon reduction has led him to develop approaches for achieving Net Zero. (including a ‘Net Zero Roadshow’ for customers). Chris also writes regular blogs, with his latest analysing the Chris Skidmore Report – Mission Zero.

  • Steve Richmond (Head of Marketing and Technical, REHAU)

Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing & Technical for REHAU’s Building Solutions division, has over 17 years of experience in the renewable heat industry. He represents REHAU Ltd at industry bodies like ADE and UKDEA. He is also the President of the British Plastic Federation’s Pipe Group. REHAU, employing over 20,000 people globally, leads the UK market in polymer district heating pipework and is the sole UK manufacturer of PE-Xa district heating pipework.

  • Dave Tiller (Technical Manager, Ventrolla)

With an impressive forty-three years in the fenestration industry, Dave Tiller is a seasoned expert in his field. As Ventrolla’s Technical Manager, he brings unparalleled technical knowledge and experience to the table. Dave is renowned for his expertise and frequently speaks at national events, delivering RIBA CPD sessions for Ventrolla. Over his fifteen years with Ventrolla, Dave has become a trusted figure, overseeing the Ventrolla Academy and providing training, CPDs, and technical advice to surveyors.



Why Attend?

This seminar presents an excellent opportunity for professionals in the field to gain new insights into the latest retrofit technologies and methods. Additionally, it gives attendees a chance to engage with experts, ask questions, and network with peers who share a commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.


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Tickets for the event are free, and drinks are kindly provided by REHAU. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and engage with industry leaders in the retrofit sector.

Join us at “Retrofit Meets” to explore innovative solutions for decarbonising heritage estates.

We look forward to seeing you there!