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Double glazing is the most popular option when it comes to upgrading period sash windows, but there are some circumstances where single glazing is still important. If you live in a listed property, in a conservation area or your property has protected status, you may be required to choose single glazing for your timber windows, in order to receive Listed Building Consent or Planning Permission. Or it may be that you decide on single glazing when you’re replacing windows, to ensure the look is consistent with the rest of your property.

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Single glazing traditionally is thought of as energy inefficient and noisy, but at Ventrolla, we can improve both areas when we renovate or replace your windows. Our craftsmen will create a well-fitting sash with our unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System built in as standard. This will help to reduce draughts, rattles and noise. In addition, you could opt for our discreet secondary glazing to further reduce heat loss and sound from outside – at the same time enhancing the security of your home.

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If noise is a problem, or you need further thermal improvements, secondary glazing could be right for you

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