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Timber window advice for listed building projects

Guidance on repairs and restorations to your listed building from the experts

Repairing or replacing period windows as part of a listed building restoration project can be complex. Regulations and restrictions are in place, which you will be required to follow – but knowing what you can and can’t do is not always clear. At Ventrolla, we’ve been working on listed buildings throughout our 35 years in the business, so we’re perfectly placed to provide you with trusted advice, to guide you step‐by‐step through the process.

Following the rules and regulations for listed properties

When upgrading or refurbishing your windows, most councils and conservation officers would ask that you renovate your windows where possible, saving as much of the original window. Upgrading is nearly always preferable to replacement. We’ve helped many listed property owners through the planning application process. We provide:

  • A window‐by‐window survey
  • Our recommendations
  • Any drawings or specifications needed to help the councils understand the work that will be undertaken

Helping you find the right advice for your project

When embarking renovation of a listed property, it’s useful to carry out as much research as possible. At Ventrolla, we’ve put together a list of resources that you may find helpful:

How do I approach a listed building renovation?

If you own a listed property and are thinking of renovating the period windows, we always recommend you speak to your local conservation officer first. Check with them if you require Listed Building Consent or Planning Permission before any work commences. We can then provide a window‐by‐window quotation detailing the work required, plus any accompanying documentation your planning officer may wish to see.


Your planning officer will want to know the details of your planned window renovation project – Ventrolla’s service includes the following:

  • Sash window units are carefully removed from the window frame
  • Any decaying timber in the units, frame or sill is routed out to expose the “sound” timber
  • Occasionally, new timber is spliced in or replaced where the existing timber is beyond repair
  • Our unique epoxy resin, VR90, is used to fill the cavities and is moulded to match the existing profile of the timber
  • Sash cords are replaced, pulleys serviced and the sashes correctly balanced to ensure the smooth operation of the windows
  • The windows are also upgraded by fitting the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), which virtually eliminates draughts and rattles
  • At the same time, the Ventrolla Sash Removal System (SRS) can also be fitted to ease future painting, cleaning and maintenance.

Your listed building restoration starts with a free, no‐obligation survey

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