Window Installation & Restoration Services

We offer a range of window related services, from bespoke design to restoration of listed buildings

Our wealth of window experience goes into every renovation project. We've used this knowledge to create a range of products & services that offer solutions to many common window problems. Draughts. Rattles. Dust Ingress. Leaks. Noise. Rot. We hear it all! Your Ventrolla Surveyor will chat to you about what you want to achieve and provide a range of quote options to suit. For some, the priority is to breathe life back into their existing windows that have such historic character. For others, modern performance improvements like double glazing are the main priority. Whatever your window-wants, we're here to give you the right advice to get you there.

Sash window repair

Our sash window services range from renovating your existing, single glazed sash or casement windows, to installing new, slim double-glazed sashes for added energy efficiency.

We install our unique draught-proofing system as standard with all our window renovation projects, stopping draughts, rattles and leaks into your home and improving your comfort. 

Windows that often look beyond repair can be saved. We offer a free window survey to assess the work required, it’s a chance to chat to you about what you want to achieve from your window renovation project, and afterwards, we’ll provide you with a window-by-window quote. 

timber sliding sash window repair
new windows

New & Bespoke
Replacement Windows

Our expert team of craftsmen based at our UK workshop have the skills to replicate your old timber sash or casement windows, matching existing styles and detailing. If double glazing is your preference, sashes with slim units can be made too. Each window can be made to your exact requirements to suit you, your home & your budget.

Listed Building Advice

When upgrading or refurbishing windows on Listed Properties or those within Conservation Areas, most councils and conservation officers would ask that you renovate your windows where possible, saving as much of the original window. Upgrading is nearly always preferable to replacement. We’ve helped many listed property owners through the planning application process – providing our window-by-window survey, our recommendations and any drawings or specifications needed to help the councils understand the work that will be undertaken.
listed buildings