Which door is better, steel or aluminium?

When one thinks of having a new door installed, it’s easy for the mind to instantly recall the days where thick-framed uPVC panels dominated UK homes. However, home improvement technology has advanced a lot in recent years, with metal being an optimal choice for homeowners who want to enjoy a great balance of security, light, and smooth function – particularly at the back of the home. But then there’s another question: out of steel and aluminium, which metal door material is the best choice?

sliding patio door

Aluminium and steel both have their inherent advantages, but it’s the former that we at Ventrolla recommend using time and time again. Not only is it far more flexible to work with, but it’s less susceptible to rust thanks to modern weatherproofing techniques. It’s this kind of peace of mind we want all our customers to enjoy. So, whether you’re the owner of a historic property wanting to replace those rickety steel frames or have a more modern household and simply want to start enjoying the myriad perks aluminium doors introduce, rest easy knowing we can help.

Aluminium vs steel: A question of strength

Whereas steel is made using a mixture of iron and carbon, aluminium is a much more natural material. This means it’s incredibly strong and can be pushed further than steel, making it less likely to suffer cracks or breaks. Such properties are exactly what we want from a patio door solution that is expected to withstand large amounts of glazing. Aluminium doors installed by our team come in a wide range of panel configurations, sizes, and functions, but their incredible strength always remains constant.

Aluminium’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio also means that you get to enjoy more light entering the home thanks to a larger glazed surface area. This, combined with minimalist sightlines, creates a much appreciated “wall of glass” effect, that means you can spend less time worrying about the condition of your aluminium frames and more time basking in the sunlight. Steel doors, by comparison, aren’t generally equipped to withstand the heavy double- or triple-glazed panels modern homeowners expect.

sliding patio door

An ideal door solution for both new and historic properties

We’ve alluded to it already, but it’s common practice in the 21st century for homeowners living in historic properties to replace their house’s original steel doors with aluminium. And this realisation almost always occurs when those existing steel panels start showing signs of wear like rust, warping, and mould. Fortunately, modern aluminium doors are designed with long-lasting use in mind, hence why they’re a popular choice for properties that are either listed or based in conservation areas.

Likewise, aluminium doors, fitted in either a traditional sliding capacity or space-saving bifold configuration – are swiftly positioned to suit the needs of more modern builds. The ‘more glass, less frame’ look is highly desirable for properties with a contemporary style, and the minimal sightlines found with aluminium panels are more than happy to oblige. Regardless of how old your home is, aluminium doors beat steel doors every time when it comes to style, function, and energy efficiency.

aluminium bifold doors

Doors that introduce light without sacrificing space or efficiency

In addition to endless light and practical style, any metal door option worth its weight (quite literally) needs to keep the home efficient. Again, aluminium doors from Ventrolla have this area covered, not only due to integrated thermal break technology, which helps lower U-values and better trap heat, but also because aluminium’s improved strength means it can withstand double and triple-glazed panels. The more glazing, the less likelihood that any warmth in the home will be able to escape, and rarely can steel accommodate anything more complex than single-glazed panels.

Our aluminium doors come fitted to achieve A+ rated energy efficiency, which is well above the industry standard, whether you wish to incorporate non-insulated, super-insulated, or Passive House compliant frames. Obviously, the better insulated your aluminium frames are, the better, and the more chance you will have at reducing your home’s energy bills due to less reliance on central heating. Steel doors have thermal retention properties too, but are far more limited compared to aluminium with its increased glazing and integrated thermal break.

sliding patio door

Sleek and stylish aluminium doors that beat out steel every time

If you’d like to learn more about why aluminium doors are the perfect replacement option for steel, why not contact a member of the Ventrolla team by using our online form? We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and can even provide a free quote. Don’t delay, and start enjoying the benefits modern aluminium doors bring today.