What are the best products for my sash windows?

As the owner of a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian property, you are the custodian of an important piece of history. And taking care of your home’s original features – like tiled floors, fireplaces, timber sash windows and cornicing – plays a big part in protecting its legacy. Of that list, it can be argued that original windows should be your number one priority. Not only because they play an intrinsic part in your home’s character but also because they contribute to how energy-efficient your home is.

So it’s not just about maintaining paintwork and replacing parts, like sash cords or rotten sills. There are also a number of modern upgrades, that can make your home a more comfortable place to live, make windows easier to look after and reduce your fuel bills, without compromising on authenticity.

If you want the best products for your sash windows, working with a specialist like Ventrolla is advised. This is how they can help alleviate common issues:

How do I make my sash windows less draughty?

Known for annoying rattles and cold draughts, you may love your sash windows but find them hard to live with. Ventrolla have an innovative solution for this. Their unique Perimeter Sealing System (known as VPSS – read more about it here) can be fitted to any original sash or casement window, and will reduce draughts in the most discreet way possible.



But what exactly is VPSS? Essentially, it’s draught-proofing technology, which acts as a barrier to cold air entering the home. It’s been tested to offer a range of benefits, including cutting down external noise and keeping warm air in to improve your Window Energy Rating (WER) by up to 30%. Whether Ventrolla are repairing or renovating your sash windows – or making replacements to mirror existing windows – they usually fit VPSS as standard, so you can look forward to warmer living.

How can I make it easier to paint and maintain my sash windows?

The design of sash and casement windows mean that painting the woodwork, deep cleaning or carrying out repairs to faulty parts can be a tricky business. The good news is, that Ventrolla have made this frustration a thing of the past with their clever Sash Removal System (SRS). This feature makes any job requiring access to the different parts of a sash windows easier – this video shows you just how it works.



Independently tested and its benefits verified by the British Board of Agrément and Acoustic Consultants Hann Tucker.

The SRS allows for the safe removal of the upper and lower sashes, giving free access to the window box frame. It’s not visible internally or externally, so the aesthetics of your windows are protected. Best of all, it can be added to your original windows – or if Ventrolla are making new windows for you, it will be incorporated as standard.

How can I upgrade my sash windows so they’re more energy efficient?

Sash windows often still have their original thin glass in place. While this is authentic, it does nothing to support your home’s energy efficiency. Nor is it very good at reducing the noise from outside, which can disturb a good night’s sleep if you live on a busy road. However there is a way to combat this, with handcrafted sashes made with special slim double glazing, which fit into your original box frame.

Ventrolla have perfected this product and their slim double glazing measures just 16mm. It’s not just the depth of the glazing that makes it so good, it’s down to the actual glass they use, too. The outer pane is Planitherm Total+ glass  – a high-performance, thermally insulating Low-E glass, that has been designed to help windows meet the highest WER. And the cavity between the panes is filled with Krypton – a gas with a lower thermal conductivity than air, to keep your home warmer and offer better sound insulation.



If you live in a Listed property, or you choose not to double glaze your windows, secondary glazing is a great alternative, offering all these advantages and even better security. Ventrolla have some great options for this, too.

So if you want the best products to upgrade your sash windows, get in touch now to arrange your free no-obligation survey.