Winter preparation for your sash and casement windows

A mild autumn may have meant that you’ve not yet felt the cold too much at home this year. But with winter looming – and fuel costs through the roof – thoughts will soon turn to how we can keep our homes warmer as well as more energy efficient throughout the chillier months.

For many of us with original sash windows, draughts and cold breezes are inevitable. But there are things that can be done to timber windows, to keep the cold out and the heat in. At Ventrolla, we specialise in repairing, restoring and making replacement sash and casement windows, so we’re perfectly placed to give you the tips you need.


Sash windows

Heavy Window Dressing

If you’re in the market for new curtains or blinds, it pays to look for thermal linings. Not only are these often black-out – making bedrooms more conducive to sleep and living spaces cosier – but they can also insulate your room against the cold and block draughts. Thick fabrics, like velvet, tweed, brocade and chenille, are also great at keeping rooms warmer – just ask the Victorians!


Heavy Window Dressings


Slim Double Glazing

The nature of period timber windows is that the glazing bars are relatively slim. Modern double glazing is too deep and heavy, but we can fit slim double glazing into timber windows so you get all modern home comforts. If your windows are rotten or damaged, we can make new sash windows to mirror the old – incorporating slim double glazing for warmth, draught reduction, security and a quieter home this winter.

At Ventrolla, we use the latest technology and fit Planitherm Total+ glass – one of the most energy efficient, low-E glass products available today, giving you a low U-Value – which means better thermal performance. You can read more about our slimline double glazed units here.


Discreet Secondary Glazing

For listed properties or homes in conservation areas, secondary glazing is often a better option for winter-proofing your home. Our industry-leading secondary glazing products come in six types and two options, to suit timber windows of all styles. Our secondary glazing will enhance thermal efficiency as well as improving security and reducing noise pollution.

With lightweight aluminium frames, this solution is also a discreet way to cut draughts. You’ll also enjoy easy access to your original windows, so when it comes to painting or cleaning, you’ll find it a breeze. Find out more about our state-of-the-art secondary glazing here.


Discreet Secondary Glazing

Draught Proofing

Whether you’ve asked us to repair your timber window in time for winter, or to make a replacement, we’ll install our innovative draught proofing solution. The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) was created by our founder, Robert Tunnicliffe, and acts as a barrier to cold air which is entering the home.

VPSS has been tested to prevent rattles, stop water and dust ingress, and cut down external noise. Independently verified to improve your Window Energy Rating (WER) by up to 30%,

It has also achieved British Standard (BS 6375:1-2009). This means it’s been tested to withstand winds of over 71mph – so you can have peace of mind that your historic windows will perform just like a modern window – ready to take on winter’s worst!



So, if you’re fed up of being cold at home – and think your windows are the culprit – get in touch now to arrange your free no-obligation survey.