Ten Top Tips For Upgrading Your Kerb Appeal

Ten Top Tips For Upgrading Your Kerb Appeal

Original Sash Windows in London, on Chalcot Crescent & Chalcot Square, NW1
Serious kerb appeal provided by the bold colour choices, in London

As a period property owner, it’s highly likely that you’re proud of how your home looks from the outside. From its original exterior features to its beautiful garden, you’ll want to keep it looking its best at all times. But keeping that ‘kerb appeal’ takes work – especially in older properties.

How to keep that ‘kerb appeal

Worn windows and doors, peeling paintwork and broken gutters can all give a property an ‘un-loved’ look and feel. For passers-by, neighbours or prospective buyers, these could also indicate that the interior is uncared for, too (even if it’s not!). So, we’ve pulled together a few top tips to help you keep on top of your home’s kerb appeal:

1. Refresh your gates

The first thing a visitor will see is likely to be gates to your garden or driveway. Giving them a lick of paint, wood stain or varnish ensure your home looks stylish and well cared for.

2. Focus on your front door

Wash it down, repaint it or varnish the wood – just a few hours of work can make your front door look fabulous and create a great first impression.

New Accoya Front Door and Frame by Ventrolla
Your front door greets your guests – improve your kerb appeal with a stunning new timber door, by Ventrolla
3. Weed paths and driveways

The entrance to your home will look far more appealing without weeds – and their roots can also lift block paving or slabs over time, so keeping on top of it can save you money in the long run. Jet washing paving can give it a face lift, too.

4. Keep on top of your paintwork

Timber sash and casement window frames will not only look better if you repaint them, but this will help protect them from disrepair and weathering, too. Painting without care can mean they become stuck shut – if this has happened, a sash window specialist like Ventrolla can help you.

5. Update your ironmongery

Metal polish may be all you need to get your letterbox, door and window handles and house number looking great again. If you decide to replace them, take care that they complement the period of your home, and match one another.

6. Clean your windows

It may sound simple, but sparkling windows can make the world of difference to the appearance of your home from the roadside. Especially if you have a conservatory or glazed porch. Ensuring your timber windows are up to scratch and not rotten, with peeling paint, will also help increase kerb appeal.

7. Get your garden looking gorgeous

Overgrown bushes and shrubs can detract from the beauty of your home. And overgrown trees can cause problems for your property – so it’s worth calling in a tree surgeon to do the job properly if you have particularly tall trees near your house.

Nottinghamshire Sash Windows 3
Stunning garden greenery provides a lasting impression. Windows by Ventrolla
8. Hide your bins

Nothing looks worse than a wheelie bin in front of a stunning heritage home. Try hiding them to one side or investing in a bin store that can disguise them.

9. Clean out your gutters

A build-up of debris in gutters can lead to overflowing rain water, which can damage brickwork and timber windows. If you have plants growing out of guttering, it also looks unsightly – weeding is a straightforward job however if your gutters are high up, you could call on a professional to do the job safely.

10. Refill planters, window boxes and pots

From evergreens to seasonal colour, planters and window boxes can make the perfect finishing touch for a home. Keep them pruned, weeded and watered for optimum effect – dead plants don’t quite cut it! The experts over at Gardeners’ World have some handy tips about what types of plants to use in window boxes.

Window boxes on sash windows
The final touches make all the difference – dress your windows with colourful window boxes

If you’re renovating your period home to increase it’s kerb appeal, and you’d like to ask us a question about your timber windows, you can make an enquiry today – we look forward to hearing from you.