Coming Clean – How To Get Your Sash Windows & Casement Windows Sparkling In The Sunshine

brown sash window frameLet the light in, by cleaning your timber sash windows

We all love days when rays of sunshine stream through the windows – but if your sash windows are in need of a clean, there’s nothing like a sunny day to show you up! So, when it comes to cleaning the glazing – to smarten up your home and let more light in – what’s the best way to do it?

We’ve put together a few tips to help you get your sash or casement windows clean – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Top tip: If you can take down blinds and curtains before you start, it’ll be much easier to clean the inside of your windows. Look on it as a good opportunity to get them washed or dry cleaned, too!

When should I wash them?

The sunshine might have reminded you that your glass needed a touch of elbow grease, but resist the temptation to wash them when it’s sunny, as the warmth dries the glass too quickly, leaving them streaky. Instead, pick a cloudy day when windows dry more slowly, and streaks are less likely to form.

Top tip: Dust and vacuum the frames, sashes, sills and the brush pile of the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (you can read more about VPSS here) before you start, so you don’t end up wiping the dust across your windows.

What should I use?

If you wash your windows regularly, water and a microfibre cloth will do the job. A touch of regular washing up liquid is also a great choice – there’s no need to buy specialist solutions. Or just like your grandmother used, vinegar or lemon juice can get the job done efficiently.

Top tip: Vinegar is still popular for window cleaning today as it’s good value, non-toxic, anti-bacterial and environmentally-friendly, too.

How to do it:

Add two tablespoons of distilled vinegar to a small bucket of warm water – and use a soft lint-free cloth to clean the glass. For stubborn dirt, you can spray vinegar directly on and leave it to work its magic for a few moments – the smell is quite pungent but don’t worry, it will fade.

How do I get the best finish?

Leaving windows to dry on a dull day will help prevent streaks, but you might want to buff them up to get them really sparkling and clean. If you want to get the soapy water off quicker, try a squeegee. Use a ‘S shape’ motion from top to bottom – but make sure you wipe the squeegee on a clean cloth now and again.

Top Tip: Make sure you use a lint-free cloth so you don’t leave fibres all over your windows. Microfibre or a leather chamois is a good option, and you can wash and dry these for using time and again. However, scrunched up newspaper is the bargain option – you may have some lying around and it can be recycled afterwards, too.

If you’d like more helpful tips, the experts over at Good Housekeeping have even more advice on how to make your windows shine.

brown sash window
Buff your sash windows & make them shine!

If your sash windows or casement windows are in need of more than a clean, we can help! Our renovation and bespoke joinery services will breathe new life into your home, increasing value and kerb appeal.  You can talk to a member of our team today by making an enquiry – we look forward to hearing from you.