Get ready for ‘The Big Spring Clean’

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Now the clocks have gone forward, there’s a discernible spring in everyone’s step as we look forward to longer days and warmer temperatures. But as the better weather arrives, it can turn a spotlight on everything from rotten window frames and dusty blinds to wonky gutters and mossy paths. We know that the spring-clean-to-do list can seem endless, but if you’ve got a weekend ahead of you and want to focus your time getting your home looking fresh and ready for the seasons ahead, here are a few ideas of where you could start:


Give Your Windows a Bit of TLC

Spring is the perfect time to give timber windows some attention. Start by checking the condition of the glazing and wooden frames. If you spot flaking or cracked paintwork, it’s a sensible idea to plan in time to re-paint frames – this can protect timber and extend its life. While you’re wiping down the woodwork on your wood windows or doors, you should also check for any areas of rotten wood or damage from woodworm. If you’re not sure, it’s best to call in experts, like Ventrolla, to check the extent of the damage. It might be that new wood can be spliced in by renovating your windows, rather than a full replacement being needed. If you discover broken or worn sash cords, these can be replaced yourself, but you can always call on professional help if you’d rather not DIY!

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Spring Cleaning Tip: While you’re focusing on your windows, it’s a good idea to oil pulleys and apply wax to the edges of the sashes to help them glide more smoothly. Use beeswax or a white candle for this job.

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Refresh your Window Dressings

We all love it when the sun comes out, but it can show up areas of dust or cobwebs that you’ve been unaware of all winter. Start cleaning from the top. Dust picture rails, cornices, architraves and coving, and then turn attention to your window dressings. Blinds and curtains can be real dust catchers – vacuuming curtains is a good way to lift dirt and dust without having to resort to taking them down and having them professionally cleaned. Try a microfibre cloth over the end of your vacuum attachment as these are lint free. Just remember to wipe the end of your attachment or refresh the cloth so you don’t transfer dust from one curtain to the other.

Spring Cleaning Tip: To clean shutters and horizontal blinds, pop a pair of socks on your hands – wipe with a damp sock on one hand, and dry with the other. Wooden blinds can warp if they stay wet so make sure you dry them thoroughly.

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And on the Exterior…

Spring is also an ideal time of year to tackle DIY on the exterior of your home. Clearing out gutters will not only help your house look smarter but it can also prevent over-flowing rainwater, which can damage brickwork and rendering. Secure any loose pipes, remove debris from drains and check that gutters are fixed in place, too. Spring jobs can also involve cleaning or painting fences, staining or painting the exterior of summer houses and sheds, and mending broken panes of a greenhouse to spruce up your outside space. Cleaning decking, paths and paving to rid them of green mossy growth is best done this time of year, too.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Equal parts of vinegar and water sprayed onto moss is an effective natural way to remove it from paths, decking or driveways – just leave it to do its job for 15 to 20 minutes and it will scrub off with much less effort.

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So why not invest a little time on tackling that spring clean ‘to-do list’?

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