Do You Know Where The Heat Loss Problem Areas Are In Your Home?

Heat loss in your home


All homes are vulnerable to heat loss in certain areas. But for period homes, this can be a more serious problem, which could be adding hundreds to your heating bills. The main areas where heat escapes are the loft, walls, windows, doors and floors. In fact, in older properties, original windows can be a dual offender with draughty timber frames and single glazing causing heat loss in your home.



Reduce the heat loss in your home, and your energy bills, by upgrading the following areas:


Loft Insulation

As much as a quarter of the heat loss is through an uninsulated roof space. Insulating your attic or flat roof can keep the heat in and save you money on energy bills. It’s relatively quick and easy to install, too – as well as being one of the more cost-effective upgrades, that you could do yourself.

Heat loss: Install loft insulation


Wall Insulation

If you don’t know what sort of wall construction you have, you can be guided by when your home was built. Pre-1920 homes often have solid walls – these have no cavity and are more expensive to insulate but it can still be done. Post 1920, most houses have cavity walls. The space between the two walls is ideal for adding insulation. Whichever walls you have, you can help cut your heating bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Heat loss: Install wall insulation


Windows: Glazing

Original sash and casement windows can be very draughty. Often single-glazed, they do little to keep your home warm and heat is easily lost through the glass. Hanging heavy curtains is a great idea in older properties – for windows and doors – but there is another option. Window experts, like Ventrolla, can help advise you on whether slim double glazing or secondary glazing is the best option for you. Secondary glazing is very effective and can reduce heat loss by up to 65% – as well as cutting noise from outside.

This article Can Double Glazed Sash Windows Keep Heat Out may also be of use.

close up double glazed window


Windows & Doors: Draught-proofing

Rattling sashes let the cold air in and warm air out. Ventrolla have an innovative draught-proofing system that can be installed discreetly into an original sash window. The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System closes the gap around the sashes, eliminating cold air issues, while allowing the sashes to still travel smoothly past each other.

Install draught-proofing in windows and doors

Floor Insulation

The ground floor of your home can be a key culprit when it comes to heat loss – so you should focus on these floors. But if you have rooms above an unheated garage, you could also be losing warmth here. Floor insulation can save you money on your heating bill, as well as cutting draughts and making life more comfortable. Why not try a thick rug or carpet with thermal underlay over original floorboards, too?

Heat loss: Install wall insulation


Did You Know?…

Many older properties have open chimneys – and draught-proofing your chimney when you’re not using it could save around £20 a year (for a typical semi-detached home). A chimney draught excluder is the cheapest option, while a chimney cap costs more but can be a better insulator.


Save Money With Help From The Experts

If you’re worried that heat loss is an issue in your home, the Energy Saving Trust have a clear and easy-to-follow guide to upgrading your home, that could help save you money and improve your carbon footprint.


Have A Project Of Your Own?

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