Can Double Glazed Sash Windows Keep Heat Out?

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Can double glazed sash windows keep heat out?

We already know that the technology of a modern double-glazed window can keep cold out and help maintain the room’s ambient temperature. However, in these sweltering days of summer, keeping the room warm is the last of our worries! At this time of year, we’re more concerned about keeping the sun’s heat out and keeping the room cool.

Can modern window technology help with this? It depends on the types and ratings of glass that you use and the design of the window frame.

Glass to keep the Sun’s heat out

When choosing glass for your windows, it’s wise to look at the U rating. This rating will tell you how thermally efficient the pane is. A single pane typically has a rating of 5. The thermally efficient double-glazed panes in  Ventrolla sash windows have a rating of 1.5 – a much more efficient score.

Other ratings to consider in choosing your windows to keep heat out are the G value (which measures how much heat from the sun is transferred through the window) and the BFRC rating (which is an independent efficiency rating).

Frames to keep you cool

Ventrolla sash windows are hand-designed to look great and to keep you cool on hot summer days. No more stuck, jammed windows. On a hot day, the windows slide open with ease to let in the breeze.

If you’re feeling the heat this summer, it may be time to upgrade your windows. For more information about the thermal advantages of Ventrolla sash windows, please speak with our experts.