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As the proud owner of a period property with authentic timber sash windows, it’s likely that you feel very protective of this prized original feature. While wooden sash windows are an integral part of heritage homes, the single glazing that they come with can mean compromised comfort levels in your home. Double glazing is often synonymous with the horrors of uPVC – however you can enjoy the benefits of double glazed sash windows without giving up on your old windows.


Two options for double glazed sash windows

If your original windows are sound and in a good state of repair, you can have slim, double glazed sashes made and installed into your existing sash box. If your windows are beyond repair, the alternative is to have new hardwood double glazed sash windows, including the box frame, made for you.


1. Adding double glazing to an original window

If you look at original windows, you’ll notice that the glazing bars – that the glass panes are positioned between – are relatively slim. They were designed to hold a single pane of delicate glass hundreds of years ago. The increased depth of a modern double glazed unit means that it’s larger and heavier, and simply wouldn’t fit in, or be supported by, the original timber glazing bars. The great news is that timber sash window experts, Ventrolla, fit slim double glazing that’s designed to perfectly fit original timber windows.

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2. Manufacturing a replacement double glazed sash window (with double glazing built in)

If you have damaged or rotten windows that can’t be renovated, these can be replaced with complete new sash windows, that mirror the old window precisely. Ventrolla’s team of experts will tailor-make your units in their joinery workshop – replicating all design detail so your new window blends in seamlessly and elegantly. Made from a sustainable hardwood, these new, bespoke sash windows are built to last – with double glazed sashes that will transform your home.



Modern home comforts with all of the heritage style you love

Upgrading to double glazed sash windows offers a range of benefits to period homeowners:

Energy efficiency is usually the key driver for replacing glass. Ventrolla use the latest double glazing technology and fit PLANITHERM TOTAL+ glass – one of the most energy-efficient, low-E glass products available today, giving you a low U-value, which means better thermal performance.

Draught elimination makes double glazed sash windows a tempting option. Ventrolla build their innovative Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) into replacement sashes or new windows too, which virtually eradicates draughts, leaks and rattles completely. VPSS can reduce energy costs by giving you up to 30% improvement in energy efficiency.

Noise reduction is not usually the main reason for swapping single for double glazing, but is a welcome benefit—cutting noise inside your home, creating a more peaceful environment even if you live by a busy road or railway line.

Security enhancements also go hand-in-hand with upgraded windows. Double glazed units are far less vulnerable than their single glazed counterparts, helping you feel safer in your home.


Listed property or in a conservation area?

If your home is listed, in a conservation area or has protected status then you might already know that double glazing may not be an option. Secondary glazing is the preferred method of upgrading listed and protected homes’ energy efficiency. Well-fitting secondary glazing also provides outstanding noise reduction – outperforming double glazing – and Ventrolla’s acoustic glass provides maximum sound insulation.


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Are you considering slim double glazing in your period home?

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