5 ways to know that your Yorkshire home needs new double glazing

In Yorkshire and across the UK, energy bills are rising exponentially. There could be tougher times ahead, and homeowners can no longer afford to waste energy in their properties. Underperforming windows are one of the chief culprits of energy wastage. In fact, 30% of a home’s heat is lost through windows with insufficient glazing. To help you to avoid throwing valuable money away, here are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to upgrade your double glazing.


Your windows are draughty

It’s safe to say that North Yorkshire isn’t the warmest place in the world to live. However, cold draughts passing through your house isn’t normal. In fact, it’s a sure sign that your windows are underperforming. If cold is getting in, then heat is getting out.

Quality double-glazed windows ensure that heat is maintained inside the house. Their two panes, separated by a chamber of krypton gas, significantly slow the rate of thermal transfusion. This prevents you from having to overuse your central heating during the Winter months, dramatically saving you money on energy bills.

Your windows are leaking

With the amount of rainfall we see in places like Harrogate, Scarborough and Whitby, you may see leaks as just part of Yorkshire living. However, if faulty windows are allowing water into the home, you could be doing serious damage to your property. Mould will be allowed to fester, ruining your furniture and putting your health at risk.

Furthermore, if condensation is present on the inside of the window chamber, then this is a definite sign that it’s time to upgrade. If water builds up inside the frame with nowhere to go, then it’s only a matter of time before mould gathers and does damage to the frame. Secondary glazing may help to combat this issue, but the only way to completely solve it is by installing new windows.

Ineffective noise insulation

In the same way that quality double glazing diffuses the passage of heat, it also diffuses the passage of sound. If your Yorkshire home is disturbingly noisy, particularly on windy days, then this is another sign that your double glazing could be of higher quality.

Many older homes in Yorkshire still have single-glazed windows, with only one pane of glass separating them from the outside world. These are the properties most in need of more modern, double-glazed heritage windows, or secondary glazing.


Common Problems with Sash Windows

Why are my windows difficult to open?

Sometimes, difficulty opening a window is the result of dirt or dust accumulating inside the frame. This causes friction, meaning the window gets stuck. In the short term, this friction can be eradicated by applying lubricating gel and spray. However, persistence of the problem could mean that there is an issue with the sash window’s pulley wheel or sash cords – these elements can break, stopping your sashes operating correctly.

Your uPVC is discolouring

Of course, a window’s appearance also needs to be considered as well as its functionality. Windows made of low-quality uPVC are often prone to discolouring. After years of weather erosion and sunlight exposure, those white pristine frames can start to yellow.

In contrast, a new set of double-glazed windows with heritage timber frames will last a lifetime. Combining traditional aesthetics with modern efficiency, our windows help to preserve Yorkshire properties’ rich history while bringing them into a more affordable, eco-friendly future.

chartwell green casement window

Quality double glazing across Yorkshire

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