5 Historic Buildings in Harrogate with Stunning Timber Windows

In the beautiful, historic borough of Harrogate, there are over 2000 listed buildings. These are buildings of significant historical or architectural interest that are deemed worthy of protection in the national interest. In order to maintain their stunning, traditional appearance, many of these buildings have authentic timber windows. This replicates their original appearance, while ensuring that they will last for generations to come. Here are five listed buildings in the North Yorkshire town that have preserved their classic aesthetics with the help of timber windows…

The Harlow Carr Hotel

Formerly known as the Harrogate Arms Hotel, this two-storey building dates back to 1844. A popular pub and overnight accommodation, its white timber casement windows are a significant contributor to its long-lasting Victorian style. Lovely gable bay windows also help to complete the effect.

Harrogate Hotel timber windows

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The Old Swan Hotel

This hotel is a proud member of the prestigious Classic Lodges group. It has been housing guests since 1777, and is a fascinating part of Harrogate’s history. In fact, in 1926, after an eleven day disappearance, Agatha Christie was famously found alive and well at the Old Swan, staying there under a false name.

In all those years, the Grade II listed building has maintained its charming timber sash windows. Combining functionality with antiquated grace, these windows connect the building to Harrogate’s rich past.

Old Swan Hotel

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What is the oldest building in Harrogate?

The title of oldest building goes to Kennel Hall Farm. These old farmhouses date back to the 17th century, at a time when large parts of the area were being rebuilt. According to a plaque outside the property, it was used to house Parliamentary soldiers from Oliver Cromwell’s regiment during the English Civil War.

Kennel Hall Farm

The Royal Stables

This beautiful period property, with its trademark archway and communal garden area, has been a gorgeous part of Harrogate for decades. Its black timber windows have helped to maintain its bold, striking effect, reminiscent of old Tudor era properties.

Royal Stables

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Chantry House

This remarkable residential home is one of the most prominent properties in Ripley, a small parish just outside Harrogate. In close proximity to the enchanting Ripley Lake and deer park, its timber sash windows correspond perfectly with its pastoral surroundings.

Truly, this property is a testament to the magic that can be preserved with authentic timber windows.

Chantry House

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Authentic timber windows in Harrogate and beyond

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