Conservation matters

Maintaining The Integrity & Appearance Of Historic Properties

Listed Buildings & Properties
in Conservation Areas

If a building is either Grade I or II Listed, or falls within a conservation area, then exemptions apply. However, the window does still have to show an improvement in energy efficiency; providing the changes do not alter the character or appearance of the building. This means that our draught-proofing system, Ventrolla’s Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), is the ideal solution. 

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Monuments & Protected Buildings

As with Listed Buildings, we have a vast experience of working with all properties that have permitted development restrictions. We can offer the same level of advice and service in these instances with our window renovation service, helping to liaise with the planning officers, providing detailed quotes and specifications to support your planning case for window renovation. 

Repair Vs Replacement

Thanks to our unique services, sash windows, casement windows and other timber windows can, in most cases, be repaired, meaning windows don’t need to be replaced. As a result, the character of the building can be retained whilst improving its energy performance.