Is my old window too far gone for you to repair it?

You may think that your timber windows are too damaged to be repaired. However, we know how important it is to retain original sash or casement windows, so wherever possible, we will carry out sympathetic repairs before we consider replacing your windows.

Assessing the Viability: Can Your Old Window Be Saved Through Repair?

Deciphering the State of Your Window

The Dilemma of Ageing Windows

When faced with the wear and tear of time, many homeowners wonder, “Is my old window too far gone for repair?” The answer lies in a thorough assessment of the window’s condition and the expertise of restoration professionals. Before succumbing to the notion of replacement, it’s essential to explore the possibilities of restoring your cherished windows.

Signs of Window Distress

 Rotten Wood and Decay

One of the primary concerns with ageing windows is the onset of wood rot and decay. Windows exposed to the elements over the years may develop areas of deterioration, compromising structural integrity. Identifying the extent of wood damage is crucial in determining whether repair is a viable option.

Draughts and Energy Inefficiency

Ageing windows often become prone to draughts, leading to energy inefficiency in the home. If you notice a noticeable chill near your windows or escalating energy bills, it may be an indication that the window seals and insulation have deteriorated. This warrants a closer inspection to evaluate the potential for restoration.

Functionality Issues

Windows that are difficult to open, close, or lock may be suffering from various issues, including worn-out hinges, broken locks, or misaligned frames. These functional problems are common in older windows but can often be addressed through targeted repairs.

The Window Repair Assessment Process

Professional Evaluation

 Site Inspection

Professionals specializing in window restoration begin with a comprehensive site inspection. This involves a close examination of the window frame, sashes, glazing, and other components. The goal is to identify the specific issues that need attention and to gauge the overall condition of the window.

 Structural Integrity Analysis

Determining the structural integrity of the window is a critical aspect of the assessment. This involves evaluating the extent of wood decay, checking for any signs of warping or distortion, and assessing whether the window frame can be reinforced to ensure stability.

Material and Component Analysis

A detailed analysis of the materials used and the condition of various components helps restoration professionals formulate a targeted repair plan. From repairing or replacing rotted wood to addressing issues with hardware and glazing, each aspect is carefully considered.

Careful restoration of rotten sills and frames by Ventrolla

Careful restoration of rotten sills and frames by Ventrolla

The Potential for Window Restoration

Salvaging the Past

Wood Repair and Replacement

In cases where wood rot is localized, Ventrolla’s skilled artisans can often excise the damaged sections and replace them with matching materials. This targeted wood repair can salvage the window’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Upgrading Insulation and Seals

Addressing draughts and energy inefficiency often involves upgrading insulation and seals. Skilled technicians can install new weatherstripping, repair or replace seals, and enhance overall insulation to bring the window back to its optimal performance.

Functional Restoration

Issues related to functionality, such as difficulty in operation, can be resolved through careful adjustments, replacement of worn-out hardware, and realigning components. This ensures that the window not only looks rejuvenated but functions seamlessly.

brown sash window restoration

The Repair Process 

Much of the restoration we do involves replacing rotten timber and upgrading sash cords. We have a tried-and-tested process in place to deal with projects, such as these:

  1. Remove old windows from the window frame
  2. Remove decaying timber in the units, frame or sill
  3. Splice in new timber – this is occasionally required, where existing timber is beyond repair
  4. Fill all cavities with our unique epoxy resin, VR90, moulded to match the existing profile
  5. Replace cords and service pulleys – correcting the sash balance to ensure smooth operation
  6. Upgrade the seal with our innovative Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), which virtually eliminates draughts and rattles. At the same time, the Ventrolla Sash Removal System (SRS) can also be fitted to ease future painting, cleaning and maintenance.
white timber sash window
Timber Window After Restoration by Ventrolla

The Benefits of Repairs to Your Home

You may have lived with damaged sash or casement windows for years – putting up with cold, draughty and uncomfortable rooms and noise from traffic or rattling sashes. However, by putting your window repairs in our safe hands, you can look forward to a whole range of benefits.

Not only will your home look more aesthetically pleasing but you could also add value to your property. There are money savings benefits longer-term, too, thanks to the increased energy efficiency that draught-proofing and repairs can deliver. And your home will be warmer and more peaceful.

When Replacement Becomes Inevitable

Knowing When to Say Goodbye

Beyond the Point of No Return

Despite the best efforts of restoration professionals, there are instances when windows are beyond the point of viable repair. Extensive structural damage, irreparable wood decay, or obsolete materials may necessitate the consideration of replacement.

Weighing Costs and Benefits

When assessing whether to repair or replace, it’s crucial to consider the costs involved and weigh them against the benefits. In some cases, investing in a new, energy-efficient window may prove more economically viable in the long run.

A Second Life for Your Old Windows

Making Informed Decisions

In the journey of home maintenance, the question of whether your old window is too far gone for repair is a pivotal one. Through professional assessment and skilled restoration, many windows can be granted a second life, preserving not just their physical structure but the memories and character they hold. So, before bidding farewell to your ageing windows, consult with restoration experts who can guide you through the process of breathing new life into these timeless elements of your home.


If you’d like to ask us a question about timber window repairs or book a survey, please make an enquiry today – we look forward to hearing from you.