How sash and case windows help transform a dilapidated property

There are many different types of property refurbishment where you’ll find that wooden sash and case windows are installed. If the building is dilapidated and you are in the planning stages of putting together an extensive renovation project, it might seem like the right idea to remove the sash windows and to start again with brand-new windows of any style you like. At this stage, take a step back, take a breath, and we’ll tell you exactly why wooden sash window restoration is a great choice for your refurbishment project.

Elegant character

The biggest benefit of restoring wooden sash windows, rather than replacing them with a completely different style of window, is that you are retaining the original character and elegance of the property in doing so. If you are in a conservation area or working on a listed property you might not have much choice in the matter, but even if there is a choice, a sash window looks fantastic and can elevate the aesthetic of any property. It’ll look great and add value to the property too.

Double-glazed wooden sash windows

One of the main reasons developers remove sash windows in error is that they want to install double glazing, as this is something that most modern homeowners demand as standard. Traditional sash windows can be restored with double glazing though, without it having a negative impact on the overall appearance of the windows.

Cost effective solutions

Ripping out sash windows and starting all over again is always likely to cost more money than it is to carefully restore the sash windows currently in place. On any project where a building is being restored, it is important to have an idea over the smooth running in terms of budget and timeframe, and a restoration could be the perfect answer.

Energy efficiency

By restoring sash windows in a dilapidated property and upgrading them with double glazing, you’ll find that cold draughts are eliminated. What this achieves is fewer rattling sounds when the wind picks up, fewer draughts and a warmer property as a result. The energy efficiency of the property will increase with this type of work, leading to there being less need for the heating to be switched on and a reduction in energy consumption and energy bills.

Long life cycle for windows

By restoring the sash windows on a refurbishment project for a dilapidated property you are enhancing sash windows that may have been there since the property was first built. That’s a long time and it is only right that you would expect to see wear and tear. With clever restoration you are increasing the overall life span of the windows and the property.

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