Is poor ventilation damaging your home?

Over winter, you may not have given much thought to letting fresh air into your home. It’s more likely you’ve been preoccupied with keeping the cold out and staying warm – especially if your property has old timber windows (where draughts can be an issue you face on a regular basis).

But making sure you have adequate air circulating is extremely important – in terms of helping to keep your home in good condition and creating a healthy living environment. So, why not take some time this spring to review the ventilation in your home?

What is ventilation? 

If you live in a period property, you may feel your home is well ventilated from draughts that come from old timber sash windows. This is definitely not what we mean – and it could be a good idea to call in experts, like Ventrolla, to remedy this issue. It is vital, however, to have air flowing around your home – to keep humidity levels in check, and to allow stale air to leave your home and fresh air to come in.

window condensation
Condensation: timber window before renovation

The benefits of good ventilation

1. You can prevent condensation

Without the right ventilation, you may find you end up with water pouring down your windows and walls – rotting timber window frames and wrecking your interior décor. Ventilation is key to solving the problem of condensation long-term. Make sure extractor fans are on and sash and case windows are regularly opened in rooms that generate moist air.

2. Control the temperature ­

Windows that open and close properly allow you to stay in control of the temperature and the air quality. Timber sash and casement windows often become stuck – open or shut – with paint building up over the years or through disrepair. By remedying these problems, you can adjust the ventilation when you need to.

3. Create a healthier environment

With so many people working and studying at home now, sharing spaces may mean rooms get stuffy and air gets stale. Not only does ventilation help freshen up the air around you, making you feel more awake and alert, but opening windows to circulate the air are can help limit the spread of germs, too.

So what’s the solution?

If you’re unable to open your sash or casement windows, your home could be suffering from poor ventilation. And the damage caused by this can cause costly repairs long term. It’s a good idea to call in timber window experts who can offer you a solution – repairing stuck sashes, replacing rotten wood and eliminating draughts.

Not only will this give you the peace of mind that you can take back control of the ventilation in your home, but what could be nicer on a spring day, than throwing open your windows and letting the fresh breeze waft in?

If you’d like to ask us a question about improving ventilation with timber window repairs, or book a survey, please make an enquiry today.