Dress to Impress

If the niggling issues of draughts and rattles have been resolved, and you’re able to appreciate your period windows once again, there isn’t a better time to really let them take centre stage by addressing your window dressings!

How to transform my windows?

Transform your windows with our list of 5 window treatments that are perfectly suited to sash and casement windows.

1. Roman Blinds

The simplicity of roman blinds is their strength, their understated, neat form make them endlessly adaptable. They are a useful way of adding colour and pattern into your scheme, while equally good as a neutral canvas. They’re pretty practical too; you can add privacy and diffuse light by choosing the weight of your fabric to suit your home.

Roman Blinds

2. Floral

Classic florals have made a welcome comeback. Heritage colours and patterns that hark back to by gone eras lend a comforting sense of tradition to your home. Perfectly suited to grand period windows, they bring soft natural shapes, and hues, inside the home. Go for floor to ceiling pattern or add contrast to simpler fabrics with a floral trim.

Floral Curtains
Floral Curtains

3. Velvet Crush

Versatile velvet has recently reinstated itself as an interiors staple. Luxurious and tactile, the weight of velvet is perfect for the cooler, darker months. Velvet suits rich jewel-like, and bright, tones particularly well, so you can afford to be bold.

Velvet Curtains

4. Layer Up

Texture; it’s one of the secrets to great interior design. It brings contrast and builds layers to create interest in a room. Draw attention to your original windows by adding textured layers, including a variety of tactile fabrics and experimenting with clashing colours and pattern, or tonal combinations.

Layered Curtains

5. Colourful Woodwork

Incorporating your window into your colour scheme makes for a seamless decor. We’ve seen a steer away from classic white wooden window frames, with dark grey and muted greens becoming more and more popular. Why not add even more character by daring to use brighter colours, imagine pinks, blues and bright oranges.

Colourful Woodwork

If your wooden windows are a valued feature of your home, but are in need of more than a lick of paint, Ventrolla can help you. Make an enquiry or give us a call on 0800 378 278, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.