Do wooden sash windows add value to your home?

Anyone lucky enough to live in a period property (or one situated within a conservation area) will at some point have wondered: Do wooden sash windows add value to your home? The simple answer is, yes, in multiple ways actually. Problems only arise when a property’s existing or original wooden sash windows start to rot, splinter, or decline. But that’s where modern frame replacements from Ventrolla come in. You’ll be able to retain your home’s authentic look with wooden sash windows that add value in myriad ways.

An authentic window style, perfected for the modern age

Retaining your home’s classic period styling needn’t be a chore with modern wooden sash windows from Ventrolla that are authentic yet equipped to deliver modern performance. What this means is that you’ll be able to start enjoying all the aesthetic benefits that us Brits have been enjoying for over 350 years, but without fear of letting in the cold or compromising home security.

You know your home’s original timber windows are becoming inefficient when you start to notice a draught or you can hear the frames start to rattle. Sure, uPVC replacements are available, but you simply can’t beat the amount of value wooden sash windows offer in terms of visual accuracy. Timber sash windows from us look just as good as any original, but with improved performance.

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Should I keep original sash windows?

When considering whether to keep your original sash windows, there are a few important factors to consider. The age and condition of the windows should be taken into account, as well as the energy efficiency of the frames and glass.

If the windows are in good condition, they can provide an attractive aesthetic to your home while also offering increased insulation and improved energy efficiency. However, if they are old or damaged, they may not provide adequate insulation and could be more expensive to repair than replace.

Maintained heritage style in any configuration

Just because wooden sash windows are a classic style doesn’t mean they can’t be adapted to suit your property’s size, character and age perfectly. Sash windows with minimal Georgian bars and more glazing can add an equal amount of value to something more lavish, such as a traditional six-panel Georgian arrangement. What’s more, whereas a lot of homes featuring wooden sash windows still suffer from the woes of single glazing, double glazing or or even triple glazing can be seamlessly incorporated without disrupting the inherent authenticity expected.


A breath of fresh air: open your sash windows this summer

A lifetime of enjoyment with new wooden sash windows

If you’re a homeowner who equates value to time, then you can rest easy knowing that modern wooden sash windows are designed and fitted to last decades. Sure, there’s some odd maintenance needed in the form of repainting here and there, but for this effort you get to enjoy authentic wooden sash windows suitable for Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian properties that will likely never need be updated again. If you live in an area with a lot of period homes, yours will be the talk of the town with the value offered by modern wooden sash windows.

Bespoke wooden sash windows from Ventrolla that add value

If you want to retain your home’s period look and appearance in a way that is simultaneously authentic and effective, you needn’t look further than traditional wooden sash windows fitted by our team. They’ll add value almost instantly. You’ll find plenty of useful info about replacement windows on our FAQs page, but to discuss any specifics about our range of wooden sash or casement windows, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team using the online form.