Sash windows in bathrooms: What do you need to consider?

While original timber sash windows are a beautiful addition to any home, there are certain rooms where they may need a little more support. Bathrooms, by their very nature, can cause issues for sash windows, like condensation – a problem which we’ve explored previously. But whether it’s moisture problems or privacy issues, let’s take a look at some of the areas you may need to consider.

Obscure bathroom sash windows

Make sure you have adequate ventilation

Ensuring your sash window can be opened, to allow for ventilation, is important in a bathroom, en suite or shower room. Over the years, sash windows can become painted shut or, conversely, some windows can be opened but won’t stay in an open position.

Renovation or repair by an expert, like Ventrolla, can help to strip back the windows, un-sticking them and improving their fit, whilst ensuring the pulley and weight mechanisms work, too. This means that you can open your windows as much, or as little, as you like and improve the ventilation in your bathroom. It’s worth having these issues remedied enabling you to create air flow. This can mitigate other problems caused by steam – like damp walls, rotting wood and mould.

Design, privacy & security

Frosted or patterned glass is definitely worth considering for a bathroom window for a number of reasons. Firstly – and probably most critical for a bathroom – is the privacy it offers, whether you go for a low-level frosting which will blur the image or a fully opaque option. Secondly, making it harder for people to see into your home can enhance security. This is especially pertinent if your bathroom, cloakroom or shower room is on ground level.

Frosted, etched and sandblasted glass can also complement the style of your home – there are a wide range of designs to choose from, for example, Victorian-inspired patterns. For ease, you can also apply film to a window to give the same effect.

Bathroom sash windows


Safety issues

Often thin and delicate, original glass in sash windows can pose a safety issue – especially if your bathroom window is at a low level and could be fallen against. Replacing glazing with tempered, toughened or safety glass is a great idea if you want to safeguard children or the elderly. Again this can boost home security, too. Ask the Ventrolla team for advice on the right type of safety glass for your bathroom window.

Protect wooden frames with regular painting

Keeping on top of painting your sash window frames can protect the wood from damp, steam or condensation damage caused by water ingress – so this an important consideration for windows in bathrooms and wet rooms. It’s not always the simplest of jobs so the team at Ventrolla can install their unique Sash Removal System in your windows – making it easier for you to access your sashes for painting, as well as maintenance and deep cleaning. For bathrooms on upstairs floors, this also means you can remove your sash from the interior of your home, without having to set up scaffolding to do the job.

So if you have a toilet window that isn’t functioning as it should be, you’re struggling with condensation in your shower room or privacy is an issue in your bathroom, get in touch with the experts today.