Modern ways to add value to your home in Southampton

Value can mean different things to different people, true, but ways in which to add it are pretty cut and dry when it comes to the home. Adding value to any household (including those situated in Southampton) is all about making the most of what’s already there, extending your property’s natural potential with subtle improvements that help make a lot of difference. Financially or otherwise, here’s a selection of modern techniques you can employ to increase your home’s overall appeal.

Make it more energy efficient with revitalised windows and doors

It should go without saying, but modern homes are expected to be incredibly energy efficient. Not only will this help reduce those monthly bills; it also means that you’ll be able to enjoy any natural heat generated in your household for much longer. How do you do this? Either by upgrading your existing entrance doors and window frames, or replacing them with thermally efficient alternatives. In either traditional timber or inherently strong aluminium, methods like perimeter sealing, slimline double glazing, and more ensure your home is as energy efficient as can be – with industry-leading U-values.

Rearrange the layout and go open plan

Who needs walls, anyway? That’s what many a modern homeowner is left asking after finally pursuing a more open-plan style of living. Reinventing your property’s interior so there’s less obstructions not only gives the impression of a larger space, but it will let each area breath. You’ll be able to maximise the space and stay better connected to those you live with. It can be a big job depending on your home’s layout. Think you’d enjoy an open-plan living space as opposed to several disconnected ground floor rooms? This is the way to go.

conservation area trees

Add extra living space with a new conservatory

One of the most obvious and traditional methods of adding value to your home is still the most effective. Extra space, whether in the form of a conservatory, orangery, or an entirely standalone garden room, will see the house price of your home shoot up drastically, as it’ll render it of better use to the modern family. Luckily, investing in extra living space doesn’t have to come at the cost of warmth, security, or style, thanks to the process being entirely flexible to your needs and wants. If you have the outside space, extending your property in this way is well worth considering.

Make the most out of your home with improvements from Ventrolla

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