What are the complications of working on timber windows in schools?

England is home to a wealth of education settings located in heritage properties – in fact, there are over 5,000 school buildings which are Listed. These are all properties which are rich in history as well as fit for purpose when it comes to providing education to young people. But due to the original features, often require sensitive and expert renovation and maintenance to keep them functioning on a day-to-day basis.

Rather than rejecting old properties in favour of new, state-of-the art schools, period school, college and university buildings can be refurbished and adapted for modern use. But when it comes to repairing or replacing original windows there are some key considerations. From the challenges that come from working in a live school environment to rules around listed buildings. But as specialists in commercial and domestic timber windows, at Ventrolla we are well versed in dealing with these idiosyncrasies.

Heritage School buildings and colleges with timber windows

Meticulous scheduling

All work will be carried out to a detailed schedule. This ensures that work is completed on time, on budget and gives everyone involved a clear overview. A schedule also ensures that plans can be put in place to ensure our team have adequate access and space to complete work. Ventrolla are highly experienced at working to prescribed timescales, and will assign a dedicated Commercial Project Manager to your project.

Minimise disruption

Obviously the most suitable time to carry out window renovation or replacement in a school is during the holidays. Operating on a site with no members of staff and pupils to consider is much easier than working in a live environment – and we will always work with you to arrange a suitable time. Even if we are required to work in a live environment, we’re experienced at putting the right plans in place. Rooms can be tackled in isolation, or specific areas of the school cordoned off, so sections can be worked on in rotation while the school remains open.

Safety first

Working in a school requires strict standards of health and safety. We are experts in making sure that work is carried out safely and without risk. This includes the way we work from the outside, when scaffolding is required, and how we set up areas for our tools. We will also ensure that adequate ventilation is in place at all times. Our team will liaise closely with building managers and senior leaders to ensure that safety is assured.

Historic building considerations

Any work we carry out on timber sash windows in properties with Listed Building status must have the required consent. For properties in a conservation area, work must have been agreed to by the conservation department. We can work to guidance that you provide from the relevant source, or we can liaise with these teams on your behalf. This includes energy efficiency measures which we may be introducing to existing windows.

School Building and College with timber windows

Trusted accreditations

Ventrolla have been awarded a wide range of industry memberships and certifications. These accreditations are testament to our expertise on commercial projects and have led to work with some of the UK’s largest companies. Our teams are also DBS checked, to meet the requirements of sensitive settings.


For more information, you can request a brochure or get in touch. You can also submit your requirements via our online tender form and our Commercial Team will be in touch to get the ball rolling with a site survey so an estimate can be calculated.