Our Joinery Workshop

Where 21st Century Machining Meets Traditional Handcrafted Skills

Our joinery shop has seen heavy investment over the past few years in both machinery and skilled bench joiners. We manufacture all of our own windows using the finest hardwood timber and traditional carpentry methods, including ‘through' or 'solid’ glazing bars, which help to retain the window's authentic look and set them apart from imitators.

Sympathetic Replication of any period window
style using modern engineered Timber

It’s the fine details that really show the quality of our work and to this end we will replicate any period design to ensure the glazing bars, horns and frame all have the desited profile. 

Made to last, designed to wow! 

Each sash window that leaves the joinery shop includes our draught-proofing system which seals the entire perimeter of the window and has been independently tested to withstand winds up 71mph. The windows are then sprayed with a high build base coat and an anti-stain primer before being cured and sent downstairs to our glazier.
Ventrolla Joinery Workshop - Bespoke timber Windows


We're fully accredited and adhere to these regulations, training programmes & governing bodies

We are not only trusted by some of the UK’s largest companies, we are approved by some of the finest bodies and regulatory agencies within the industry. This ensures that everyone using Ventrolla gets excellence in every department and peace of mind that projects are handled to the highest standard.