A Real History When It Comes To Quality

Ventrolla was founded in 1983 by Robert Tunnicliffe who previously worked at Ford Motors developing specialised high performance gaskets and seals. The name 'Ventrolla' is a slightly warped portmanteau of 'Ventilation Control'.

Robert turned his hand to draught proofing sash windows after his wife noticed it becoming increasingly difficult to keep their home warm during the colder months and so Bob, using his expertise at Ford developed the first perimeter sealing system and installed it himself.

Immediately the draughts, rattles and dust ingress were banished! After the initial success of the hand-made prototype Bob went on to found Ventrolla and patented both the perimeter sealing system and the sash removal system, both of which, 35 years on are still core products in the Ventrolla service and make our offering unique.

In 1986 the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System was awarded the prestigious Design Council Award.

Our first branch opened in the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Harrogate and now over 35 years and 100,000 sash windows later we operate nation wide and have established ourselves as the market leader in the repair, restoration and replacement of wooden sash windows.

With over 35 years of industry experience we have honed our techniques and enhanced our offering to ensure we can fulfil every requirement you may have for your sash and casement windows, including perimeter sealing system and sash removal system that were and still are part of our core offering. We have established ourselves as the market-leader in the repair, restoration and replacement of wooden sash windows and operate nationwide.

Always Speak With People Who Know And Understand

As a company we are dedicated to delivering the best quality and tailored service and to make sure that happens we fully invest in our teams that are located all over the country. Their UK wide locations allow fora quicker response to customer enquiries and provides us with key local knowledge.

timber sliding sash window repair

Put Your Windows In the Safest Hands

Ventrolla wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedication and skills of our trusted craftsmen, based all over the UK. With a real passion for what they do, they are hand-picked not only based on their qualifications, but for their attention to detail and great customer service skills. We then provide a minimum of 6 months training to learn the 'Ventrolla' way to renovate a window. As a result, we boast 5* Trust Pilot reviews and a host of recommendations through word of mouth.


Local Teams Who Work In Your Area

Not only does our expert team of craftsmen understand every last detail regarding timber window repair, restoration & replacement… they are located throughout the UK to guarantee prompt responses to enquiries. These hubs also ensure that local history, window styles in the area and the regions geography are all considered in the quote & work.

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